Monetizing a taylor swift niche

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    I have a few questions:

    1) Are cleberities a good niche to earn money?

    2) What could i use in order to make money?

    3) I am currently doing follow for follow, is there any other methods that can generate followers?

    Currently i have a instagram that is rather small at the moment and was wondering, what could i do to make money out of it when it's far bigger?

    I was thinking amazonf affiliate service, but not really sure if that's a good one for this kinda stuff.
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    You can create a website with an inbuilt affilliate system of selling clothes or other design items that look similar or are exactly the same as the ones worn by a famous celebrity. The website will be actually a blog that is dedicated to the style of Taylor Swift and her life itself. You have to write something interesting there, provide some quality content for readers and potential buyers. The only minus is a very strong competition. There are a lot of fashion blogs nowadays. Good luck!
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    ^^ Yea as above, fashion, accessories etc is maybe a good thing to advertise to your subscribers. Failing that, just plain old adsense.
    I think possibly its a hard niche to make money in, but correct me if I am wrong.
    Also, you dont want to really just focus on follow/follow because you will end up with a load of followers who are only looking for followers themselves - they wont be worth anything to you.