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    a couple of years ago I created a couple pages of content on a subject I am an expert on. I had a few friends click on the ads on my page and made like 4 or 5 bucks and forgot about it. Basically just left it and forgot it and eventually whatever prepaid hosting ran out and the site was gone. When I checked the account the site had made over 100 bucks. In the near future I am going to recreate the site and fill it out a lot more.

    I have thought adsense is the only way to go since it ends up being local construction companies that are paying to be on the site and it pays well (or at least did)

    I recently realized there are a decent amount of tools required and I could link them through amazon or some other service that will pay a commission and might be able to make a few sales that way.

    I am curious if anyone has any expertise in this area and would know what works well here ?


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    Try easybay pro plugin. You can add live, self updating ebay auctions to either your posts, pages or widget area.
    The fact that the auctions are live and countdown on the post, page or widget adds interest and urgency.
    I use it on all my sites