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MonetizeSolution.org Pay Per Install Affiliate Program PPI

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by rusnacus, May 5, 2014.

  1. rusnacus

    rusnacus Newbie

    Nov 7, 2013
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    Affiliate Manager on monetizesolution.org

    My name is Andrei and I am Affiliate Manager at monetizesolution.org. Today i am going to present you a new pay per install site: monetizesolution.org

    The site is in Beta stage and we are growing really fast. We already got 140 registered members in few hours.

    Very easy to use interface. Just make a software, select the product name you need for your niche, copy the entire link and promote it!

    We accept all media traffic( games, books, movies). No adult traffic!

    Rates can varies for every country.
    US: 1
    DE: 0.6 
    GB: 0.6 
    FR: 0.5 
    CA: 0.5 
    ES: 0.4 
    NO: 0.3 
    AU: 0.3 
    IT: 0.3 
    DK: 0.3 
    JP: 0.3 
    CH: 0.3 
    SE: 0.3
    AT: 0.3
    NL: 0.3
    BE: 0.3
    NI: 0.25
    RU: 0.25
    FI: 0.15
    **: 0.15
    IE: 0.15
    SG: 0.15
    TR: 0.15
    AR: 0.15
    ZA: 0.10
    IQ: 0.10
    MX: 0.10
    CZ: 0.10
    UA: 0.10
    VN: 0.10
    QA: 0.05
    TH: 0.05
    Another countries : 0.07
    My skype ID is andrei.monetizesolution . You can contact me everytime you want if you need help. Thanks! Have a nice day!