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Discussion in 'Other PPC Networks' started by rysk2, Dec 13, 2010.

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    Well guys, I have a torrent site with 17k users (growing fast) that will reach around 25k soon but I'm not sure how to make it pay for it self.

    Was thinking of putting up ads on the site, but what ad-networks are willing to allow me to put up there ads on a torrent site?

    Also the site is not US/CA/UK/AU based, so I was thinking about a company that pays more than average on non Tire 1 geo sites. It's probably ranked in the lowest tire.

    Not trying to make alot here just to get the site to run it self without having to pay for it from users donations / mods pockets.

    VPN is also not a option because at this stage in your country the request for VPN is next to none
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    I think that AdBrite (search on google, I'm not able to post links (against rules) will let you post ads on a torrent site. Adsense is quite strict and banns even normal innocent sites emmidentley on first profit usually so AdBrite should be fine. Try it out and get back to me by PM'ing me (Personal Messaging) or post on this forum. I'll get back to you.