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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Mel9000, Aug 18, 2009.

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    How about we monetise on future movie releases that will be known to
    be a craze, begining way before the movie is released.
    Example: a sequel of Tron will be out in 2010 so how about monetize on
    it before, and after it comes out. Maybe make spinof inspired on the
    movie, since the movie isn't out yet it would be a products that make
    use of the same visual style, or one inspired on it, Make a product
    that says, "the costume, thingy or wethever that tron fans will or
    must have before the movie comes out, and for SHURE will or must have
    by when the movie comes out and that they will use or must use for
    their car(if its a product for the car) and as a costume, watch,
    pendant, emblem, for when they go to the premiere", and after its out,
    you know, use the story elements, the designs, etc. and combine them
    whith the design and concepts you came out and create even more
    material. Plus,when the movie comes out, to attract people to your
    site, you can say something like " If you want to be as cool and
    powerfull/mighty/appealing etc. as that particular charater, and his
    or her design, go here.
    An other example is the fourth movie of the frantiche "Underword".
    You could use a speculation to insite people to click on some link,
    like "In what Selene has become?" or, "Is Marcus really dead?, click
    here to find out" or something to that effect. and use many, many
    colors assosiated whith the upcoming movies.

    Any more analisys on this method are encouraged.
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    Jan 25, 2009
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    The idea is ok, but could you please use sentences and space?
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    Mar 30, 2009
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    I think at least a few people on BHW already earn from upcoming movies especially me. I am not into the upcoming movies much anymore but if you can make a hit then you will earn nicely. With 5-15 minutes worth of work I made money from fill out the CPA offer and you can view the "fake" video. I haven't put much effort into it but I am sure if I did I could figure out a better way to monetize other than CPA offers and make more than $4-10 off a video.
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    WOW a TRon sequel thats something to really look forward to.
    Hope Im still alive:D

    AND still sane;)