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    Hey guys,

    I've neglected a few of my niche sites, and I'd ideally like to get them back to revenue earning capacity.

    I have around 6-7 sites I'd like my partner to work on, one was earning $40 a month up until last month (from Adsense).

    Some have withstood the Panda updates, others (including one of my favourite sites) has succumbed to it.

    For anyone offering an anti-panda SEO service this may be a great opportunity, not only will you be able to get a solid review from me posting real results, however you also make money as per the revenue share.

    I am happy for my partner to place Adsense, or whatever other ads they wish to place on the site.

    If interested in more details, please PM - there is nothing to lose, I pay hosting, for domains, etc - all you have to do is some SEO on your end, content, whatever else it takes to get these going again; (you will make money the first day you place your Adsense ads on the sites).

    Site's traffic ranges between 30UV and 300UV a day.

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