Moderation for new members to strict.

Is moderation for new members to strict?

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Aug 24, 2010
I can not even post an introduction. That is when you know it is to strict. What do you think? I know a lot of people spam, but the moderators should be able to pick up on that fast enough. Just my 2 cents.
This forum rule has been added for a GOOD reason.

Instead of complaining and creating a poll about it, you should accept it and use your time to make some useful posts in various forum sections.

This would not only add value to the forum but will also increase your post count. And soon enough the restrictions will be lifted.
If you stick around for a while and see the ridiculous/stupid/infuriatingly retarded shit that some people post, you'll see why it's a little stricter than most forums. Get through the pain of making a few good posts to get your permissions straight and you'll see that many senior members here are some of the smartest, craftiest, and most helpful people you'll ever "meet."

Edit: Peter beat me to the punch. Damn that guy is always on the ball! :p
i think that the strictness is great where it is, i don't provide my service to people with less than what the forum wants for pm's. which is how i get good customers instead of people that just want a refund. but seriously, i read alot when i was a newb, and still continue to read alot. but also throw alot of work into it.
the rules give you a chance to read before you post a thread asking "how to make monies on the interweb" so, just read, and post a few questions here and there, you will learn alot
As stated, You will see why alot of our rules are in effect and how we impose them. It isnt to discourage new members from joining and contributing valuable info. It is for new (and old) members who just come here to start trouble or spam.

You just joined.. Give it a day or so and you will say.. WTF.. to a few threads you see.. and understand.
I agree with the two guys above, maybe get to grips with this place first and see how it works, but the fact that you have to have a certain number posts to do certain things does actually makes people spam.
i just joined a couple days ago, its not hard just keep posting and the restrictions will be taken off after awhile
I was a member back in 2008. I forgot my login info cause it was a long time ago. I think the filter is a good idea, I was more saying something about the introduction area. I could not even post an introduction.

I do plan on adding good useful information. I also have been on this site, lurking for quite a while and see the reason for the filter. Just thought it was hard for the introduction area is all.
If you were a member a few years ago, maybe if you contact an admin and give them some details to prove that, they may reset your pass... I am not sure about it, but worth a try if you had a good rep on the board.
personal suggestion for the forum:

update new member restrictions so that they can't make a poll
xplicit, thanks a lot. I can not even remember the email that I used. It is not a big deal and I am not trying to start a thing here. I just thought it was odd that the introduction was so strict. I wanted to introduce myself and tell people a little about myself, and it kept telling me no...LOL.

I agree that most areas need good moderation, actually all areas, and I will work on posting good information and building my rep and post count up. Thanks for the advice.
Guess you wanted to highlight an URL in that introduction post. ;)

Not at all ericsson. I just think it was to long or had a keyword in it that the system didn't like.

I will just build up my post count and re - introduce myself. I just thought I good introduction to let people know a little about me would be good.
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