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    Hello Wizgizmo, I am hoping you will see this. I still can't pm yet so I have to use this.

    I just want to set some things straight, I first want to apologize because I did find stfranks email hidden in the spam folder.

    So i did receive his comment rater after all. BUT I did not lie to you, I did try to contact him through skype, email, and paypal and never received a reply. I have yet to speak to him.

    Anyway I just wanted to let you know because I want to have a good standing in the BHW community, and since I was too dumb to check the spam folder I paid $97 to this great site for a year membership to make up for my mess.
    So could you please delete my negative comments under stfranks youtube comment suite thread? I would like to leave positive feedback.

    And stfrank if you can see this too please skype me at blackhatanyhat or you can reply to any of my emails.....

    Thanks everyone.
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