US 5G Mobile Proxies

Do you rotate 5G mobile proxy servers. I want discount.
No you can rotate if you would like using EasyPort and API. You can also set Autorotation of IP's within the portal. I sent you a DM with a coupon code for MultiHop license.
I want discount

Our 5G proxies come with a wide range of features to make your job easier!

Proxies direct from the source
Stop paying middlemen to resell proxies to you for higher fees. Our services are hosted, managed, and updated by us directly.

100% Dedicated 5G Modems
Each 5g proxy plan comes with its own dedicated 5g modem just for you, no more shared proxies with no control over IP changes or resets. Your proxy your rules, why make it more complicated than that?

Real Unlimited Mobile Proxies
No data caps, no bandwidth caps, no throttling period. While other mobile proxies get throttled by carriers at 30Gb our 5g modems will keep you going at breakneck speeds for as long as you need.

TCP Fingerprint Spoofing
Mask your applications true identity, our proxies are able to prevent the detection of OS fingerprint / user-agent mismatches ensuring you the best possible chances to get your work done without being blocked!

Huge range of Locations
47 different Major cities throughout the United States to select from leaving you millions of Mobile IP addresses to cycle through from Verizon and AT&T networks.

Instant IP Changes
Quickly cycle through IPs with our fast IP reset tool which enables users to grab a new IP in 5 seconds flat. Don't waste cycles waiting for forced IP changes ever again.

Optional IP Rotation
Want to automate things a bit? We offer customers an easy-to-use auto IP rotation tool built into your account, set your IP to cycle as fast as once every minute or once every 24 hours.

VPN Connection available
Lock down your network traffic by connecting to your 5g modems through L2TP w/PSK VPN Protocols. Our easy to use one-click profiles make setup a breeze and ensures you won't have to worry about leaks.

Instant Location Changes
Our Multi Location plans allow you to hop to any of our 47 available locations at the click of a button as many times as you need.

HTTP(s), SOCKS5 & L2TP w/PSK VPN protocols Available
We have the protocol that works for you, whether you are on Windows or IOS our services are made to work for you no matter how you want to connect to our 5g modems!

Easy to use Web Interface
Put your mobile proxy to work quickly and easily with our management portal. Change your proxy’s location, IP, and more all from one easy to use web portal.

Updates with no extra fees
If we expand our service areas to new locations you won't have to pay anything additional to gain access to them, if we also develop new features for our proxies all existing customers will gain access to those features at no additional cost and no additional input.

Q: what do I get with my Mobile Proxy subscription?
A: We provide you with one proxy license that can be attached to a single dedicated 5g modem in any of our 47 available locations. This will provide you with one mobile IP per modem however you do have access to our fast IP change tool which can provide you with up to 8,640 different IPs per day for that single modem.
Q: Do you offer bulk discounts?
A: At this time, we do not currently offer bulk discounts however, we have set our prices to be extremely competitive so that you get a premium product at a non-premium price.
Q: At nearly half the price of every other mobile proxy service surely these can't be dedicated proxies?
A: One proxy license, one proxy modem, one customer every time and don't call us Surely. Our Proxies are all dedicated to only one customer at a time and are NEVER shared.
Q: If I need support will there be someone available to help me 24/7?
A: We have MobileHop staff available to you around the clock through our live chat system. No bots or automated "resolution" autoresponders our helpdesk is staffed by real people that can offer real help to your questions.
Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We currently accept PayPal and Coinbase/Crypto payments.
Q: After my order is placed how long will it take me to access it?
A: Our automated billing system will get your requested service set up and ready for you within a few minutes after payments are completed, all information will be emailed to you so you can quickly get started with using your new mobile proxy.
Q: What speeds can I expect from your 5G modems.
A: Our 5G mobile proxies can reach download speeds as high as 50Mbps, on average users can expect to see around 15-30Mbps on our proxies.
Q: I’m planning on automating my proxy setup do you have any API documentation available?
A: We do! We have a fully documented API for JSON and Python to help you get your automated setup running ASAP.
Q: What differences are there between your single and multi-location subscriptions?
A: Simply put, our single location licenses provide you a with a proxy that is connected to only one of our available locations, chosen by you, without the ability to jump around to other locations for the duration of your subscription. Multi-Location licenses on the other hand let you freely roam across the full range of our 47 locations, enabling millions of additional mobile IP ranges to cycle through if needed.
Q: Do you offer free trials?
A: We do not offer free demos at this time; we do however provide low priced single location one-hour licenses for $5 or you can opt to use a daily licenses for just $8 so you can see if our services are right for your applications!
Q: What do we guarantee with the purchase of a 5g proxy?
A: We guarantee that our proxies will reliability be able to reach major sites on the internet successfully such as Google and Facebook. This guarantee does not extend towards specific use cases wherein users are attempting to create accounts or fulfil a specific campaign as we are unable to control any limitations that websites may impose on the 5g cellular proxies. Due to the fact we have no way of knowing if problems stem from a user’s methods or the limitations imposed by specific websites, our guarantee is limited to the proxy’s ability to reach major websites successfully.

Refund Policy:
Our refund policy allows customers that have paid for weekly or monthly licenses to request a refund as long as the request is submitted within 24 hours of payment delivery. Additionally, a refund may also be issued if you are unable to connect to your proxy and our support team is unable to resolve the issue within a 24-hour period or if we are unable to deliver your requested proxy license and plan as requested.

We are unable to provide refunds for our hourly, daily, and 2 day single and multi-location licenses.

Contact us on live chat
Live Chat support is located on our or on our just look for the chat bubble at the bottom right and ask away!

Want additional information?
Come check out our website to find more information on our products!

Special offer for BHW users available!
Simply like and post ”I want a discount” in this thread, and we will
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I want a discount
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I want a discount
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I want a discount
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i want a discount
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I want a discount
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I want discount
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I want a discount
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Is It Possible To Get A Discount? Thank You.
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I want a discount
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