Mobile phone market in emerging countries

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    Hey guys

    For almost a year I am doing very well with my company selling cell phone accessories here in the UK via various ecommerce channels.One of my suppliers
    recently contacted me and asked if I am interested buying massive amount of products for redicolous cheap prices. Products are mostly
    cell batteries, cases, headphones, repair kits etc. Everything is 100% genuine from brands like Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, HTC etc. The only thing is
    that I don't see a market here in the UK because most of the products are 18months old or older. However I figured out that these items
    can be still very popular in emerging markets lika Africa, Asia or Middle/Far East.

    I am thinking about entering these markets no. The only thing is that I struggle about finding a starting point. I looked in Alibaba and there
    are dealers looking for these products however I don't want to be scammed because these deals need a lot of trust.

    BHW is such a great forum so I am hoping to get some advice here and probably someone can point me in the right direction to start with.

    Thanks a lot already!