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Mobile App Personalization for Your Business

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by keenmobi, Sep 21, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    Why Do You Need A Mobile Application for Your Business?

    You have found a lot of articles about necessity to have your own mobile application and that it is important for any business. Contractors are ready to develop an application for you for the minimum amount and its support at minimum rate. It seems to be a deal of the centuryJ Advertisements dictates you that a mobile application will allow you to become closer to your customers. Thus GooglePlay and AppStore have thousands of applications of different kind every day.

    Let's take a look at the typical functionalities, which are proposer by app developers providers:
    • Photo Gallery
    • Contacts
    • Push-Messages Destribution
    • News
    • Feedback
    • About us
    Now let’s imagine the average user of the mobile application. The question is: what reason to install your application/what value will he get after it? Belivieng that the user will install your application only in order to receive the push messages with advertising is , at least, insane. And here we get more knowledge about t the concept of "personalization".

    A great example of offline personalization is personal discounts and gifts:"Harry, Happy Birthday! We have a gift for you! "

    The essential and simplest way of this is the creation of the personal discounts. on your Birthday Congratulations and a personal gift is always more pleasant. Also with the help of applications you can determine how long the guest did not visit your area. "Julia, we noticed that you have not been with us for a long time. We want to see you again and offer a personal discount of 20% for all products! "

    Of course, this personalization requires a detailed elaboration of the loyalty program from your marketer, but the effect from it will significant - because the time and money contributions for returning the client are several times less than an acquisition a new client.

    Receiving Personal Information

    The customer has his car for repairs and wants to know about current status. He wants for sure to avoid calls and not be holding on a line. The user downloads your application, then signs up for push-mailing and use the application to find out specific information about his car. Yes, this is called the personal service you want to tell your friends about.

    If the app will have data about the credit card and the discount card of the car service, the user will be doubly grateful for this - he will receive the approval of the estimate for repairs, and he will see his discount in the preliminary calculation, and he will be able to pay all the works without taking any extra actions .

    Having data about the frequency of customer requests for a service, you can provide a calendar of reminders in the application (for example, about the passage of maintenance).

    Individual Approach

    For example, mobile applications for medical centers are awesome solution - having received a notification about the tests’ readiness, the client will have the opportunity to order their sending to e-mail or to save in their personal account in order to access them at a convenient time. The same thing is with the schedule of doctors and medical appointment booking.

    The conclusion is if the goal of your business is not a one-time sale, but building a long-term relationship with the client, then the mobile application is one of the most effective tools your business can operate. In addition to the service / goods catalog, notification service and personal cabinet, the application can provide for the storage of loyalty card numbers, be tied to payment systems, and have a built-in geolocation system (for determining the nearest ATM, for example - in applications of all banks).

    So my point of view is that business needs an apps and choose the app developer contractor in order to be in touch with its clients.