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Mobile App Design Rules and Tricks

Discussion in 'Graphic Design' started by keenmobi, May 17, 2017.

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    Mar 24, 2017
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    For users, the quality of the application is determined by its look, usability and utility. And if the usefulness of the application is determined at the early stages of the formation of the idea, then the appearance and usability of the application - at the stage preceding the development.

    The design of the application includes work on planning navigation and functionality. After it's finished, it's time to create a prototype interface design, followed by the development phase. After creating the User Story, the developer gets a clear idea of their target audience and several custom scripts for the future application. All this is the basis for creating A Navigation Map.

    The navigation map schematically reflects all the screens that will be used in the application, the distribution of information on them and the organization of the transition scheme.

    To create a navigation map, all these scenarios need to be simplified and represented in the form of sequential actions.

    In order to present this scheme in a graphic form, you need to assign each stage a capacious name and come up with blocks that each stage should be supplemented with. It is important not to overload the user with information and simultaneously include important functions in the schema. To do this, we need to compile a complete list of everything that a user should see on the screen.

    To the mandatory elements, you need to include the functions that solve the tasks of users. Other important elements - the functions that simplify the achievement of these tasks (categories, search). The rest include functions that supplement the solution of tasks or carry out other tasks - (favorites, re-post, comment, etc.).

    Each chain of transitions must end with an invitation to perform an action Thus, each section should be described. After this stage is completed, you can proceed to the structure.

    The last step is creating a navigation map - establishing links between blocks and their structural units. So, the ability to read the news simultaneously is possible from the search, category and picture of the day, and the hit on the screen Favorites can be possible from the menu or from the field under the news. All these connections should be taken into account.

    At the heart of the perfectly organized functionality of the application are four golden rules:

    1. The best functional - integrated. Interaction with the content occurs directly, without transitions to sections or opening full texts on the buttons further and read.

    2. Access to contextual commands is implemented only in context. Before moving to the desired section or in the desired menu, the user does not need the functionality of this part of the application. Therefore, access to the functional is only from the section.

    3.The applications has a menu tab. And this should be remembered. There you can add functions available for each section of the application: Search, Favorites, Company, etc.

    4. Prioritization. Or the isolation of ideologically important elements against the background of the rest of the content. After all, help in solving user problems is the main task of developers.

    A Few Words About Design

    Design has always been and remains a debatable topic primarily due to ambiguous performance measures. According to Apple, the ideal design of the mobile application is built on three pillars:

    1. Content. The interface is designed to help users, direct them, and not distract.

    2. Sharpness. Easy-to-read text, simple icons, functional design.

    3. Depth. Visual separation of information.

    Proper implementation of all stages of creating an application is the key to the success of its promotion and popularity. Contribute your time, take this scrupulously and your users will be very grateful to you.