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    Idk where to ask about mns question on this forum so im asking here because this area gets a lot of the traffic on this forum... Anyways my question:

    When it comes to the keywords that are chosen to build mns around. Some people on this forum target keywords with low adword competition because its easy to rank on serps. Some people target keywords with med/high adword competition because it means advertisers are put higher value in the keywords or they would be paying for ad space on those keywords. I going to build several mns and i am going to use bst section to start up.

    Which route on selecting keywords is better?
    Should i work with someone who targets low adword competition keywords or work with someone that targets med/high adword competition keywords?

    Any advice/tips on mns will be appreciated ;)
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    High Adwords competition keywords are the way to go.
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    Don't start any site with advertiser competition low. you will get ads on your site promoting google adsense leading to 0 clicks since there are no relevant ads for your site. Medium is the lowest i would go, high is always the best.
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    Also, be sure to note that low advertiser competition doesn't always imply low search competition. The guy at the top could be an SEO guru, but if there's only a few advertisers bidding for space on the site, it's going to show up as low competition. To find easy-to-rank tools, you're gonna need some other online tools. Submitting a site to is a good way to get a look at their SEO, but it takes a while. Look around for other tools, there are plenty; also tools that will automatically feed you good niches/keywords that are easy to rank.