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    Dec 20, 2014
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    Used to make money online quite a few years back, the mining seems interesting to me and would like to find someone that can help me with how it all works and hopefully make us both some money along the way. if anyone is interested in helping me get things going as some seems to be a bit confusing im sure i could make us both some money, currently have 5 pc's totaling about 30 ghz processor, 25gb ram and 20tb storage. Can easily expand this a lot if it is profitable. preferably looking for someone who is already making good money through mining and would be interested in working together to make us both money.. Would also prefer to find someone who lives in australia who has had success in this before but ultimately doesnt matter as long as we can both profit if anyone is interested plz pm me asap very keen to get things started
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    Apr 18, 2014
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    do you meaning keyword mining - bitcoin mining... ?