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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Marcink99, May 12, 2011.

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    I have a small business site that has 8 pages can I outrank big companies with big sites for competitive keywords?

    do I need to add content to my site? how important is this to seo? I have single page per keyword. My goal is to hit 5 keywords. I do not have need to hit more keywords so extra pages would not be optimized for any keywords.

    I used to get nice results from my marketing campaigns till some time ago :-( site dropped from amr blasts. Before I was on page 2 for very competitive keywords.

    I have over 100 purchased articles I used most for amr I guess they would be no good for my site since they are already in the article directories and we do not want duplicate content.

    Also when we say google like content does it look at entire site or just per page with the keyword on it.?
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    AMR, scrapebox, xrumer, BMD, etc don't work like they used too. It's all about building high quality links. Pm me if you want more info, I don't care to share to non BHW members.
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    Apr 19, 2011
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    Once you get one site going, with at least 10 keywords with articles and just a few backlinks, it should start pulling in money pretty quickly. Then do another.

    Get yourself 5 minisites with 10+ pages each.

    Then go into "maintenance mode" Which involves for each site:

    2 new articles per day
    10 backlinks per day
    2 articles per week to submit to search engines

    So everyday you have a set schedule of things to do. Keep this up and all 5 sites will be come authority sites etc.

    It's all about sheer volume of content. Remember, there's like 70% or something of the searches per month, are searches that have NEVER been searched for before....

    Use common sense here. If you're going to pick up a book to read about a subject, you want a skinny one or a phatty??

    A goal of 5 pages is pretty low, make your goal 50-80 pages. Step it up..