Mini PHP Youtube Video Script Needed

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    hey all,

    i need someone to code me a custom script (that will be added to my current website), you will probably have to use youtube's API, i'm not sure, that's why i am hiring you. :)

    basically already have a website coded in PHP, and each page has a unique phrase that your script will pull and automatically grab 5 links from youtube that have the particular phrase in the video title. in addition to the 5 links, it will have to pull the video thumbnail, title, and description.

    for example, if the phrase is "Angelina Jolie"... It would have to pull 5 videos with the phrase "Angelina Jolie" in the title. for each video, it needs to pull a thumbnail, title, description, and link.

    I have a website with over 30,000 pages (each with a different phrase) that i will add this script to.

    also, i have seen some custom scripts like that that pull from other video sites as well. if you can do this i can pay you more.

    PM me if you know how to do this or can if you can code something like this
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    The problem with that script is you have to curl youtube for every visitors that come.

    Bad idea. That's how my original doorway system works though.

    A better system will be caching. But why go through all the trouble. I'll set up 1 wordpress autoblog for you in exchange of testimony. You'll get fresh youtube video every day on your autoblog. Then we do a JV. I'll do it for free because we can't sell anything outside BST. But I'll only do it for 1 domain.
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