Migrating emails and online life!

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    May 8, 2008
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    Ive got several email accounts.

    My personal email with my ISP. (who uses google apps)
    a gmail for youtube and android phone.
    google apps for domain for my site
    gmail for gtalk.

    different usernames and account names everywhere.

    Recently I was thinking, I just want to have one centralised google account for my personal email and all the services I used so everything is connected and the whole online management stuff just flows together.

    So I made a new gmail and im in the process of switching emails on all my online accounts and services.

    But it feels so weird. The email ive used for ever I wont be using anymore and also im at the mercy of google I guess a bit. But I do want it but maybe its a sad day leaving my old accounts behind

    Has anyone else gone through a similar process or anything?