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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Alves, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Hello Everybody,

    I'm about to turn 18 which means I can finally have my own adsense account :). With that I'm still in highschool and I have a little money to invest. I was thinking about something like Micro Niche Sites because its something that wont completely fall apart if I don't work on it everyday. I was thinking about having someone make them for me from the service section. My first question is are MNS still viable with googles always updating browser? Also I always see there capable of x amount of dollars if you do your own SEO but Im not really sure other then articles what kind of SEO is required. Could someone give me a brief description of what I would have to do to get a site to 4 dollars a day, is that even possible?

    Thanks Everyone
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    First MNS got slapped hard if you have a EMD to rank or Exact Match Domain. Second, you will need quality backlinking service for each MNS which will cost a nice penny (most with post Google Update Results start at around $150). Secondly, if you do your own seo, you will need to know how and keep your site ranked during each refresh. You can go the journey of no links and try to rank that way on Google, which is still profitable if you choose this route.

    You final question is answered for you. You will need lots of work to make $4 a day from 1 site, but from hundreds of sites that is easy but still a big work load. As for anything else, you need quality interested traffic, and you need to at least know why people searching your site would click ads or spend money in that niche.