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    May 17, 2013
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    Hi Folks,

    I found some good keywords, from different niches. Also, I know how to develop a wordpress website ( poor&professional design ), I know how to get premium themes, how to install best plugins for the website, etc. I know some good SEO strategies ( Glory to BHW ).

    Also, I know how to find a good domain name, how to create strong backlinks for it.

    BUT...What I am missing ?!
    I feel like there something is missing out.

    What I should learn more about:
    -How to know if that niche/keyword(s) will works, with strong competitors?
    Let's say I found a good website idea from the aqua toilet niche. People search about that keyword ( let's say 123-321 ), and my website is called also 123-321.com. On it I have unique content, well organised with keyword relevance, density, etc. . Will it works? Will people comes to my website?

    There are more questions, but I will limit to this one.

    Thanks in advance :)

    P.S.1: I want to make websites for Adsense program, not for other CPC networks.

    P.S.2: Sorry for any grammar mistakes.