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Micro Niche Making $25+ Aday Easy (U CAN 2 GUIDE)

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by lifco, May 13, 2011.

  1. lifco

    lifco Regular Member

    Apr 5, 2010
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    Hello bhw :)

    Here's my guide on how to make 25$ + aday

    With very little outlay and to rank number1 in the big G..

    If you want to make this amount as i have done follow my guide..

    First we need a idear on what will make us money so we go to google keyword tool, load it up and for keyword look around were you are now and try diffrent things this is the heart so this needs to be a good idear keyword.

    Look for low comp and about + broad 19,000 and exact 5,000 ... now if you find better then good don't worry about how much you get.

    Next we need to go to the next page, traffic estimator and type the keyword in which we just found and under max cpc put 50 there and hit search...

    Ok we are looking for around 3 clicks + aday with around $12 estimated daily cost more is better.

    Repeat this till you get a good keyword

    Once you have the keyword we can now move on...

    Ok part 2 the domain

    We need to use the full keyword

    So if our keyword was dogfood we search for this to see if we can buy a .com or .net

    If its been taken don't worry we still can have it we can add the following to the end


    So hopefully its there so we can buy :)

    Big jump so after buying and installing wordpress we need 2 articles about our keyword, this can be done a few ways buying writing yourself or even copy/paste if you copy/paste do change alittle and make sure you add atleast 2 pics per article, on site seo does help but i'am going to show you away around this by backlinking.

    pluging i would say you need to use


    For adsense we need to use text/image (rich) 336x280

    Colour match to your site and use whydowork-adsense and place top-middle

    Do as much seo onsite as you can now

    Next we need to submit our sitemap to google webmaster tools

    After this we need to go to tinyurl and make our url shorter

    Make a account at identi.ca and now post your massage like dogfood then link

    Next we need to go to twitter and to the same there, msg and link.

    Over to g00gle bookmarks and bookmark our new site

    Over to feedburner and post our new feed for our new site.

    Ok ready now for backlinks

    go to http://bokura.chocopai.net/ and post in the msg box and then ping with pingomatic this will get us 200+ backlinks within 2weeks that right 200+

    All this ive said can and should be done on day 1 i will post day 2 later today with the rest of the guide
  2. lifco

    lifco Regular Member

    Apr 5, 2010
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    Day 2 booked for my next and final post for guide

    Updated very soon