Micro Niche Finding (Help Needed)


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Sep 16, 2009
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Okay, I plan on starting up a network of blogs/xsite pro sites based around micro niches, using adsense and possibly some cpa. My problem is, I don't know everything (or much) about finding the correct niches.

I am posting this thread hoping that I could show some of my research and have some of the more experienced members help me out analyzing my market samurai data I have collected.

Niche #1.
"" - 1,720
allintitle - 4
Searches - 118
SEOT - 49
PBR - 100%
SEOC - 1,730


"" - 16,800
allintitle - 2,670
Searches - 487
SEOT - 204
PBR - 55%
SEOC - 17,000


"" - 102,000
allintitle - 788
Searches - 62
SEOT - 26
PBR - 85%
SEOC - 12,500


Okay, the first three are all related and would be targeting one site. The #3 would be the main keyword, the #1 and #2 would be smaller keywords to target. Are these decent keywords? Too many results for #3? They look decent to me, but I'm not 100% sure.


(ps. I'm not looking to be spoon fed, just looking for some constructive criticism.)
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