micro niche finder or g keyword tool?


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Jul 17, 2008
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I know much of you would say google keywords tools, but I see a very big difference between the result I get from micro niche finder and what keyword tools tell me. Often the number of exact search drop of 80% in google keyword tool. Does it happen a lot to you?
The micro niche finder use the data of google keyword tool,but he use off the old one.

Just check in the old google keyword tool,and the results will be the same.
no no no .. big no... MNF is actually extracting the same data from G keyword tool, the difference is MNF shows the results in easy way, it makes your life easier in terms of managing those keywords.

the results you said on above, it's because you didn't select proper "location" and "language"

also bare in mind that when you want to check result on "google.com" , it definitely will show results based on the country you reside

e.g if you reside on UK, and when you type google dot com.. it's automatically redirected to google . co . uk

yeah.. at first , i also think of why MNF gives me different results, at last , i found out how to "read" the data.
I started out using software like MNF and MS but as time goes on and I get busier I have found that just using the Google keyword tool is fastest and easiest, and most accurate. MNF and MS take forever to load all the results. The bottom line is that if you are good at analyzing your competition and know search handles that MNF and MS use it is just as fast and accurate to do everything manually IMO. This is how I do my KW research now:

Google keyword tool using exact search

Pick out the top phrases I want to analyze

Do a search with the following handle: intitle:"kw"inurl:"KW"inanchor:"KW"

Once I do that I run an SEO analysis with Traffic Travis to see how optimized in terms of KW in title, total backlinks, PR, Yahoo directory, DMOZ, domain age, etc I am up against for top 10.

I think people overanalyze way too much! Now that I have many sites ranking in the top 5 I laugh at all the overanalyzation and analysis paralysis that goes on in this and other IM forums. The bottom line is this stuff is actually pretty easy if you just put it to use. It's not rocket science and everything you need and WAAAAYYYYY more is on this site.

A good domain, optimized title, optimized content, an seo optimized WP theme, and a strong VARIABLE link building campaign is all you need to make it to the top in most niches. Then the question is, can you do anything with the traffic? Can you make the sales? Can you handle the phone calls? Does your sales funnel work?
MNF and Ktool are both set top USA english and exact match. And there is still the same difference.
Thank you for the information. I'll have to check in Ktools to be sure each keyword then. It's a really good post you made, much more people should read it.
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