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    Hello everyone! I'm new to the IM game and have decided to start out my journey by giving MNS a shot. I have been doing a lot of reading over the past couple months and have had my first site up and running for about 2 weeks now.

    Currently my site has a static home page with my main 1000 or so word article, which is a review type article with all the affiliate links (one up top, one on the bottom, then a custom banner in the sidebar that is stationary on all pages/categories/articles). The main article has around a 4% keyword density. Then I have 3 different categories pertaining to the niche set up as tabs which people can click on to get to the other 7 articles that I wrote which are between 500 and 2000 words.

    Now some of my questions are -
    Is this the correct setup for a niche site?
    Is my keyword density (4%) to high for Google, even though it reads well?
    Should I be using pages instead of Categories?
    Do the articles posted on the other categories provide an increase in rankings for the main article page and article keyword?

    Unfortunately my main article doesn't seem to be showing up in searches for my main keyword (not showing within first 400 results anyways), but several of my other articles do show up in Google for various keywords that for the most part I didn't actually optimism them for. It seems as though people are going to my homepage after finding their way to my site from an article and with as little traffic as I'm getting this isn't working out to well. Would having all my articles on the home page be smart? I use to have it like that but it seemed really cluttered and ugly looking. My page download speed on Google webmaster was also very high because of this, upwards of 2000-3000, which I heard hurts your rankings.

    My last question has to do with backlinks, and submitting articles you wrote to web 2.0 websites like tumblr. Should I create completely new articles, or use the already unique content I have on my website. If using the content I have on my website will Google see this as duplicate content?

    Sorry for some of the newbie questions, and thanks for any input!