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    Short version: Have a Facebook Like button on the other side of your Pinterest link(s). People coming over from Pinterest are predisposed to Like a Facebook Page.

    Context: this is for white-hat marketers who want to have a Dan Kennedy-ish long-term relationship with their customers, and who don't expect to convert a sale upon first exposure to their offer.

    As reported by Comscore and Compete, Pinterest's early adopters are demographically distinct from other social networks' early adopters. They are less "ad blind" / "link blind" (among other things too lengthy to get in to here.)

    In my white-hat experiences, greater than 1/15 people who clicked our business site from Pinterest, hit our (clear, easy to see) Like button. While Facebook fans are not as good as a mailing list, it's a good way to somewhat capture them for long-term communication.

    If you have a garden-variety smash and gran CPA offer on the other side of your Pin, your results will probably be much poorer, but anybody who wants to build a list/brand/following should not neglect having FB Like button on the other side of their Pin(s).
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    how many likes have you generated through this method?