[Method] Using meme & movies, Somewhat unique.

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    Making money from watching movies online became harder since youtube and it's content match system has come into the game. Today, I bring to you a random UNTESTED method that I thought of while taking a shower. If it's been posted already then bleh, I'm made less of a man.

    The method...

    It's simply creating a meme based on a joke from a movie -> Upload meme all over the web -> build a fan page/movie site/upload movie to videozed.

    Step By Step

    The Meme

    1. Find a movie, any movie. Get a funny scene from the movie and using your print screen button get pics of a funny section of the movie.
    2. Using a meme creator/photoshop/pic editor, modify the image and insert the quotes
      Ex. [​IMG]
    3. When you've created such a pic, before rampaging the internet submitting it to every meme site you can think out add a white space to the top of the image with the name of the movie and if you'd like you can try for some self promotion(Just a logo/site name, Anything more becomes too obvious and might get rejected/removed/edited)
    4. Submit meme to different websites, linking to or referring to your monetized site.

    Methods to Monetize

    [Method 1]
    Prior to submitting your memes set up a simple 1 page html website with an embedded link to your movie on your videozed profile. Get your website ranked if you are an seo expert or believe you can rank the website, if not then go ahead and submit.

    [Method 2]
    Create a 1 page website with movie embed from videozed + content locker. Promote site, profit.

    [Method 3]
    Create a facebook fanpage, build your fanpage find a way to profit from your wealth of fans.


    • If using a content locker, Delay content locker pop-up by 5 minutes. This will allow the user to start watching the movie and getting into it and so will hastily complete a survey to continue.
    • Whenever you create a meme you'll be sending tonnes of people wanting to watch this movie just for that funny scene mostly from facebook.
    • Memes go viral everywhere so just post it all over(Someone should create a submitter)
    • Many other movie sites around the internet submit your videozed link to a few before submitting the meme.
    • Don't rush and expect instant earnings, As a matter of fact expect nothing do it to kill time.
    • Don't be sloppy, take time provide quality.
    • Your websites don't have to last forever, Give them a massive scrapebox blast or something get to the top of google for a day or 2.. Experiment
    • This works better with older movies as they tend to get less attention everyone rushes the newest movies.
    • This works well with movies that didn't get alot of attention.
    • This works with series & cartoons as well.
    • If you need proof of earnings which I don't have because this is just a spontaneous thought, Then that means you aren't willing to take risks, which means you aren't a business man.
    • Twist shit up, (use a file sharing clone and content lock it, Amazon more than likely will have a copy of the dvd, yahoo answers, start a controversial argument on some movie forum link to the movie)
    • A domain & hosting, start up costs too intense? Use
      http://dot.tk & http://1freehosting.com
    • Fiverr can help to get watermarked meme's viral.
    • Sit in your chair, Don't take action, Worry about your bill at the end of the month and rehearse the line "Would you like fries with that sir?" OR try something with the time you have.
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    Nice method. Gonna give it a go. Thanks
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    sorry, but what's content match system ?
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    Wow really nice method thanks.
    Mind if I take showers with you? :)
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    very nice method...
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    Youtube content-id thing, Pretty much detects copyright material from the film & music industry and removes the videos/ban your account.

    Lol, My shower is a special place for me alone :D
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