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    If you are looking to get exposure for your Yelp business page for free this traffic method is for you... it is very effective and you can start seeing results instantly.

    This method work best on static IP address. Remember to always clear "cookie and cache" on your browser. This method is best to work on a smart phone but it can be apply on a desktop as well. This guide is for mobile but it can be apply toward desktop user as well.

    1. Create an email address that you never sign up with yelp before. (Remember you will need a lots of email since yelp will banned your account within a week.)

    2. Download the "yelp app" on your phone if you have not.

    3. Sign up a yelp account and confirm it. If you already have a yelp account remember to log out and clear the cookie and cache so yelp wont link your account with your new yelp account. The reason behind this is because they might ban your old yelp account as well as your new account.

    4. Login and do a search for keywords that your website targeting for example "discount disneyland tickets". You then see a list of company or office on yelp that open for review that selling "Disneyland tickets".

    5. Write a marketing ads review with your website on it. Remember to write the review in a way that it is engaging for yelper to click on it. For example if you are targeting "cheap movie tickets" your review should be something like this to get good click through.

    "I bought my discount movie tickets at www.yourwebsite.com for 6 usd. The discount is huge compare to 12 usd at the box etc......"

    6. You can mass spam with the same reviews on other yelp business. Remember to copy and save down your review because you will need to reuse it in the future since yelp will banned your account within few days.

    7. Now just wait for 6 hours and you will see the traffic different on your website.

    8. Repeat steps 1 to 6 if your yelp account got banned and your website will get permanent traffic from yelp.
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    Spamming Yelp isn't the best idea, especially with them suing people left and right....
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    I did basically the same thing years ago. I created multiple accounts using a VPN, but somehow they figured out that they were fake accounts (i still don't know how they figured out, I reviewed 5-10 different businesses in 1 week). They deleted (hid) all the reviews
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    yelp are so much cleaver they figure out with user activiy if user is daily active its will go long else wil take your review off