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[Method] To make 300-500$ per day using youtube.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by evilginious, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. evilginious

    evilginious Newbie

    Feb 28, 2015
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    I recently see thread of making 300-500$ per day by "Highschooledboy".this thread is the best thread i ever see on blackhatworld (from feb 2015) my joining date.i focused on that thread and start understanding the whole method.but i cant understand some points of that method.but after sometime when i come again to see that thread again.it was moved to jr.vip sec or deleted i think it is because if this thread exist on general forum the method will be dead in some weeks. so i make this thread for those who were know this method and see that thread.
    So we will help each other and share some experience.
    The following are my ambiguities.
    1: why we use those pages of google plus and create channels on youtube despite of that we are subscribing the best youtubers to subcribe and
    copy their google+ profiles.should i share their videos on that channel that we created above?
    2:And what accounts he was talking about to make real names and pictures.and he was asking to take name and pictureof commenters of the channels like TheRadBrad .if we copy the all details of commenters then where should we copy the detail of best channel like theradbrad.
    3: We are just sharing their video on our channel?
    4: And How to check number of comments on specific video?any like or comment counter?how?
    5:And one youtube account for one best channel we subscribe above e-g."TheRadBrad" because if we copy their google plus profile and take their picture and name that will be different from other popular channels.

    So Kindly share your remarks and experience about this method.and also resolve my misunderstanding.
    This is my first post on bhw.So if i break any rules kindly tell me.And i m newbie so if you find anything stupid kindly ignore them.
    Sorry for bad english.beacause this is not my native language.