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    Terrible name for the thread, forgive me. Just read the explanation and you will get what the method is all about. I enjoy this forum, and it's about time I shared a method. Having said that, I didn't try this out yet. I never read it elsewhere (or on BHW), so as far as I know no one is doing this. The idea came to my mind when relaxing with mary jane. She makes me think differently about things, the internet, and BH ideas..!

    You need
    -CPA account
    -An email submit page cakesliced (see this)
    -Means to make a website

    You will be selling a code to people offline, however they end up filling in the email submit form.

    1) Pick a niche, something that involves a code, or for an email address to change ownership, such as a steam game, windows upgrade kit, or use your imagination, maybe a ticket to a gig.. whatever.

    2) Set up a site. So this must look official, and it's aimed at your niche, so say you chose tickets, set up a site that is used to transfer ticket ownership.

    3) Post on gumtree, ebay, craigslist etc. that you are selling a ticket for half price cause you are moving abroad in the meantime. Just make it seem as genuine as possible.

    4) People will reply saying they are interested. Tell them to visit www.yoursite.com/?1234 and enter the ownership code CYRE4j23hFSD and their email address, and it will be transferred to them, and they will receive a receipt email when it's done.

    5) Rinse , repeat

    I hope you spotted the trick.

    On yoursite.com, have the email submit page cakeslice in their for the email field when they are entering the code to get ownership of the ticket.

    Of course there is no ticket, all you want is people to enter their email in your site, they think they will get a ticket, alas they wont. Because of this , you can even say that because they seem trustworthy and nice, you will accept payment only after ticket ownership transfer.

    I don't plan on implementing this method, so by all means go forth and saturate!

    Be clever and safe, cover your tracks, spread the CPA love amongst real campaigns and more than 1 company, get whois privacy protection etc.
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    Lol, decent idea. I reckon it could work better with a bit of a twist.

    Like for example use the same plan of action you have here but then lets say u post an ad saying that u are selling a IPAD or PS3 consol. Mark it at very low selling price so it gets lots of attention then get people to contact you via email, stick a autoreply on your email account saying something like "Thanks for your interest in my IPAD/PS3 but unfortuntley it has already been sold. If you want though, you can try win 1 at the same place where I got mine from, just go to: YOURSITE.... (your cpa landing page for an email or zip submit that gives a free Ipad/PS3console)

    Not sure how the networks would feel about this sort of traffic though
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    Deez The Webguru, what you just explained is one of the most known CL methods.
    The OP is trying to get people in the mind of changing the method you mentioned into something unique like he has explained.

    People still fall for what you explained on a daily basis but, I think the OP is trying to show people how to twist the method, to make it seem more legit for a short period. Using a AR email in the manor you have mentioned is not only way over used, but it's well known. and your ad will get flagged very fast.

    if your going to use an AR, learn to set one up on a timer, so it does not reply rite off. Make it wait 12-24 hours before replying to everyone. Also don't setup the AR for around 24hr after you posted these ads.
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    @ Deez The Webguru

    As mentioned above, what you described is well known to this community, nothing new, but of course there are twists and money to be made.


    Exactly..! I'm just trying to think of what I know, and mangling them together to form new methods.

    A possible good thing about 'my' method is that, you can be very nice to the interested buyers, tell them that your sorry somebody else bought it/transfer did not go through for X reason, ie it wasn't your fault , and be as helpful as possible to them by giving them a legit link or some other local classifieds site that they might get lucky on.

    THEN tell them that you would really appreciate if they gave you +feedback for trying to help them out. And they could say to themselves well at least he tried.. and you could actually end up with a good rating without even selling a damn thing.

    Of course it would be a pain to automate a personal message, but I'm just throwing it out there.
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    thanks for sharing