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    I have been writing for many years and since I am able to work from home full time I thought I would share the plan I am currently using to make money with article marketing.

    First, I do my research and choose a domain name (nearly always a .com) based around the main keyword for my niche. I like to go after keywords with at least 5,000 exact searches per month and a low amount of competition.

    Second, I set up a blog with Wordpress. I use Hostgator so it is very easy for me to do this directly from my cpanel. I either use one of the basic themes I have and add in my own graphics or search for a new one, if necessary.

    I add in all the plugins I like including All in one SEO, Facepress, Tweetthis, WP-Cache, Onlywire, Related Posts, SEO smart links, and a few others. I also change all the settings, which vary, to fit the blog I am trying to put up.

    The rest of the plan is where it really happens, but it is necessary to set up the blog properly first.

    The Step by Step Promotion Plan through Article Marketing

    Step #1 - Write 50 posts - These need to be of high quality and give your readers something they can use. I do set up good SEO with every post by putting my keyword phrase in the first sentence, last sentence, and keeping a density around 2%

    OPTIONAL Step #1 - If I am reviewing products instead of monetizing with Adsense I write 5-10 product reviews and make them Pages. I always target the product name in this case and I like to do comparison reviews when possible.

    Step #2 - Schedule out the posts - I like to schedule 3-4 posts per day for a week, then 1-2 a day until all 50 posts are up.

    Usually at this point I will start working on the next site/blog because I want to wait for my posts to get indexed by Google before I do anything else.

    Step #3 - iSnare - Once my posts are indexed I submit each one to iSnare. I am a Platinum member and can submit 10 articles per day, so I submit all 50 posts over a 5 day period. I never link to the same post on isnare and I include a link to my homepage in each submission as well.

    ***If it is a review site I link to all my product reviews in related posts to build backlinks and traffic***

    Step #4 - Press Release - Once all my posts have been submitted to iSnare I write a Press Release and submit it out to the following list of PR sites:

    Newswire Today's - Free Press Release & Newswire Distribution Service - http://newswiretoday.com

    Pressbox - free press release distribution and news - http://pressbox.com

    Press Release Service I-Newswire - http://i-newswire.com

    PR-USA.net - http://pr-usa.net

    IdeaMarketers-The Free Content Directory - http://ideamarketers.com

    Free release services with ClickPress - http://clickpress.com

    Free Press Index - http://freepressindex.com

    USPRwire | US & Global News Distribution - http://usprwire.com

    There are many more out there as well.

    This step is huge because it gives me a good amount of traffic and these backlinks are of high quality.

    Step #4 - Article Directories - Now I submit each post to a handful of the top article directories for a bit more traffic and more backlinks. I try to do about 5 per day.

    Now, if my blog makes money and show the potential I am looking for I will maintain it by writing 3 posts per week (usually outsource these at this point) and scheduling them throughout the week. I also go through once a month and submit all new posts to isnare and the article directories.

    This is pretty much all I do and it has helped me build a list, make money with adsense, make money with clickbank, and make money with a few other affiliate programs.

    Hope this helps someone out there!

    Benjamin Ehinger

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    thx for the pr sites :D
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    Do you really get traffic from these Press Releases ?
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    sorry but ... you not spin press releases?

    I wonder what Google has on this as if you don't spin that is duplicate ...
    and maybe if you spin it that would raise flags from news sites
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    mmmh. I think I like this plan for those sites I have identified for future use. Instead of buying domain names and letting them sit doing nothing, I think this is an excellent plan to let the domain names age with quality content. Super idea and thanks.