method Shopify stores + Email Marketing no Cost


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Mar 7, 2016
Hi here is a nice method for anyone who has no money to start what we gonna do is scraping emails for people interesting in shopping and market some products to them using MailChimp.
ok here is the method
1) install a chrome extension for scraping emails from facebook comments search for email extractor
2) open facebook and search for this "your email comment sold" without the quote chose public posts and you will see posts on some auction pages who are selling their products using Facebook comments after that click on the posts with a lot of comments sort comment by popular not filtered keep clicking on show more comments to load more after that copy your emails from email extractor
3) go to Shopify/partners and register with them to make some stores don't forget to remove the password of the store after registering your stores add some products and make them looks good
4) go to MailChimp and register a free account they give you 2000 emails to add and 12000 emails to send in one month, MailChimp they block you if you do CPA or affiliate marketing with them but they never block you if you are sending traffic to Shopify stores now why more Shopify stores, because MailChimp will block you if you send the traffic to the same store from multi MailChimp accounts that's why we need for more stores link every store with different MailChimp account don't enter with the same ip to multi mailchimp accounts and you will be ok
if you can create 20 stores you will be able to contact 40k email interested in online shopping
for more info on how to get the emails from Facebook read this just replace job with sold
This is called spam and is prohibited by law. Prior permission of the receiver is required for all b2c email communication. So if they complain about your email at the right place you will run into trouble
Welcome to blackhatworld lol

Info from FTC:

Each separate email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $41,484, so non-compliance can be costly. But following the law isn’t complicated

So I highly doubt one can make that much money with this method to pay this *lol*
Crawl back to your Whitehatworld forum then.

I highly doubt you are truly an ASSHOLE @ bhw :)

It is not about that, there are a tons of newbies here not having any clue and just trying out everything posted here. Would not be that great if some lawyer sends them a letter asking for $xx,xxx.
Blackhat does not mean someone has to risk all his money and to struggle for existence only because he sent out some shitty emails to the wrong persons
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