[METHOD] Randomize Senuke web 2.0 accounts.

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    How to make your SENUKE article submissions look natural and random?

    The problem with Senuke is that the set of accounts will be created in very short timeframe. In a day or maybe in week or so. Also when you do article submission the accounts that will receive your article have been made around the same time, and to make matters worse, you always post to same set of accounts and they are updated together with the same accounts every time. The number of articles will be similar thru many accounts, the time of creation will be similar for many accounts and the dates of submissions will be very similar.
    This raises at least 3 red flags for google and most part your work will be ignored.
    Solution? Make everything by hand. Be very very random and thus , spend hours after hours behind you computer or...

    This is something I came up with.
    I want to post my articles on the fly. Not by picking some accounts to submit to and writing it all down to keep track and then looking it all up next time I want to post. Kind of complicated. I'm too unorganized for that.
    So what I like to do is....

    1.Every week make at least one new set of accounts for each of your niches. Spin the name and title as unique as possible
    2. Create folder ?Senuke accounts niche X?
    3. Inside the folder make two subfolders ?Original? and ?Custom?
    4. Save senuke created accounts to ?Original? folder.
    5. Now open up excel and drag and drop 3-10 of those *.pwd files to excel, each to separate worksheet. Tile the worksheets
    6. Name the worksheets after the email used for accounts.
    7. As you will see, you will get 3-10 lists one in each sheet looking something like this:


    8. Add new sheet, rename it for let say "custom 1" and drag n drop cells from each line but different sheets to make custom list. Make sure you paste to the same line number you copied it from! Just different sheet OK ? (you can make as many new lists as you like with one go)
    9.Now make new text document inside ?Custom folder? name it ?(something unique).pwd
    10. Copy the custom list you made to custom worksheet and paste it to the .pwd file you just created.
    11. Save, close, fire up Senuke and load the Accounts thru your custom pwd file.
    PS. Create new set of custom accounts from time to time, to randomize things even more. I have around 20 different set I have made. Some with 20 logins, some with only 10. Randomize.
    What that gives is that you will post thru accounts made maybe months apart. The total number of post will be randomized in the long run, and if you leave some accounts out of one custom set but use it in another set you will get T1 and T2 sites linking to your network but have

    1. different aricles,

    2. very different creation dates,

    3. different number of articles,

    4. and different set of accounts they are updated with.

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    Thanks for sharing. But it takes more time then using spun username, password and choose only some properties for a blast. Senuke does all.
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    Selecting only few properties is softcore solution.
    With this method you combine properties from different "sets" What it does is, You can use full set of properties at the time. So you have to do it less often and you dont have to skip properties as much, to look natural. So you get more posts out there. This is harder to setup (10min or so) but much powerfull to run later.
    Google can now single out sets of accounts that are created and updated very similary. With this method you use different mix of different sets. So there is no way google can connect your sites to each other. And you can nuke harder.

    My explanation is not quite fluent because of my bad english :(