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[Method] Quick serp rises on high competition keywords for cheap

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by YellowHats, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. YellowHats

    YellowHats Junior Member

    Mar 10, 2013
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    Director of SEO
    Middle East
    I've taken a bunch from this forum, it's time to give back with a method that has worked for me. Boiled down, this is basically a quick way to build a strong mini-tier pointing to your money site. At the end of the process what you will have is an important strong page on an important strong website linking back to you. Works great as a part of a larger link pyramid. I have used this method a few times now and seen SERP rises on very competitive keywords.

    1. Build your money site
    2. Go to a website called sponsoredreviews. This is a website where you can pay bloggers to write articles for you with links. It takes a bit of sifting through garbage to find the good opportunities, but they exist. Look for a blogger that will post a review / article for you in a relevant high quality site (of course, with a link to your site).
      1. There are sites you can get posts on on this website that are PR7-8 really high quality relevant sites.
      2. Most of what these bloggers will do is write up a mediocre quality article for you and post it in some neglected community section of one of those high quality websites they have access to.
      3. To make this even more clear, you are looking for a blogger that will post on a strong PR7-8, high domain authority, legit website. Let's say the website is exampledotcom.
      4. The article you will get will probably be something like exampledotcom/community/your-keywords and will contain a link to your money site.
    3. Make sure to 'bargain' with the blogger. So far, the way I have found bargaining on this site to work is something like this:
      1. You post an opportunity.
      2. Bloggers bid on your opportunity.
      3. Blogger X bids '$50'
      4. You counter-offer $20
      5. Blogger does it for $20 because they never actually expected to get $50.
    4. What you now have is your own relevant article on it's own page on a high quality massive website, low OBLs, etc. Perfect. except, the problem is, chances are there are almost no internal links pointing to your website, it has no Page Rank, no external links, and so forth. Time to fix this.
    5. Go back to sponsored reviews. Get another couple blog posts from the same guy, work out a deal on a few articles for cheap.
      1. Do not link these links to your money site.
      2. Have the blogger link the new articles to the original article he wrote.
      3. This is an easy way to build some more internal links for the main article. You're not going to be able to create hundreds of internal links, but 10-20 (2-3 per article) is better than 0-1.
    6. Go to fiverrdotcom. Use the gigs that everyone on here uses. Those shouldn't be hard for you to find.
      1. Blast the main article with gigs.
      2. Link pyramids pointing to it, .gov, .edu, social bookmarking, likes, blah blah blah. Normal fiverr gig stuff.
      3. If you want, you can also send some gigs to the secondary articles linking to the main article.

    And that's it! You now have a relevant article linking to your site on a strong authoritative relevant domain. The article has internal links pointing to it and a heap of external link-love. Google is less suspicious about a lot of links being created quickly that point to the article because it is on an old trusted domain. It seems to the big G as though you have an important page on an important website talking about you.

    Hope it helps someone...

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  2. Dj Co2

    Dj Co2 Elite Member

    Aug 21, 2009
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    Any ranking screenshots to prove that this is not just theoretical?
  3. danhoff

    danhoff Power Member

    May 11, 2010
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    How long till google give gul link juice love from that ?
  4. Ironlung

    Ironlung Registered Member

    Jul 16, 2012
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    Seems an awesome method, thanks for sharing, the only thing I'd be worried about is not being in control of the links.
  5. grahamg

    grahamg Junior Member

    Nov 14, 2012
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    Thanks, but I cant see on the site where to search for the bloggers?