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    Don't touch the REP!

    PLR Article Marketing Tips

    One of the easiest ways to get traffic to your website is by article marketing. It is
    not the fastest, but it is easy and cheap. When you are first starting in the
    internet marketing business, you need things that are easy and cheap.

    Now, just about anyone with moderate English skills and minimal writing ability
    can write articles and publish them on the various article directories. And if your
    articles are remotely interesting, you can have them picked up by various
    webmasters and bloggers to use as information on their sites within hours of
    being published.

    But just exactly what needs to be done to have these articles point back to your
    website? Most experts will tell you that you need to have the all important
    keywords in your article point back to you website. Well, if you are a newbie, just
    what is a keyword, and how is it used to point traffic to your website.

    And then the expert will tell you that you need to use the long tail keyword and
    throw in latent semantic indexing. Then the expert tells you that you need to pay
    attention to back links, reciprocal links and the next thing you know, you will
    probably need a witch doctor and a human sacrifice are two. At least, that is what
    it felt like when I first tried to break into internet marketing.

    This didn?t include building a website, learning html, php, css, or the whole
    alphabet of website jargon, it is no wonder that most people throw up their hands
    and quit. If you try to take in everything that you need in order to start an online
    business, you can quickly get overwhelmed.

    There are some assumptions that we will make in this report:
    ? You have a website. (It can be html or a blog)
    ? You want to drive traffic to your website.
    ? You have blown your budget getting your website put together and you cannot afford PPC.
    ? You have basic writing skills.
    ? You have a burning desire to succeed.

    Before we get started, there are a few basic things that you need to understand in
    order to implement article marketing.
    ? Keyword
    ? Back link
    ? Long tail keyword
    ? Headline
    ? Article body
    ? Keyword density
    ? Signature file, About the Author Box

    What Exactly Are Keywords and How Are They Used Effectively?

    One of the primary uses for the internet is searching for information. There is a
    wealth of information online about virtually every topic known to mankind. It
    doesn?t matter what you are searching for, you can find it online, the problem lies
    in finding it.

    This is where the search engines come into play. When a person tries to find the
    information they are searching for, they type in a word or phase that describes
    the information they are searching for. This is known as a keyword. The search
    engines try to match the search phrase with the millions of websites that contain
    the information being searched for.

    Of course, it?s impossible to get ranked on the first page for every single keyword,
    especially those broad keywords. For instance, if you were to do a search on the
    keyword ?dating?, you?ll realize there?s a huge amount of results being displayed.
    This means there?s a large amount of competition which makes it near impossible
    to appear on the first page of the search engine using articles.

    However, if you were to target and do a search on a more specific keyword such
    as ?guide on dating?, you?ll realize there?s significantly lesser amount of
    competition for it. This will make it easier for your articles to appear on the first
    page of the search engines. Such specific keywords are otherwise known as long
    tail keywords which should be the keywords you try to target and rank high for.

    How Does Article Marketing Work?

    Earlier we touched on using keywords or phrases to find things on the internet.
    The secret to article marketing is pretty simple; you write an article about the
    keyword in question.

    But how do you know what the keyword is? That is really a simple question, and
    if you get it right, you can make a lot of money marketing online. Get it wrong,
    and your efforts are doomed from the beginning.

    People don?t just use one keyword or phrase to find the information they are
    looking for. They use a multitude of other words to search with. These are what
    are known as long tail keywords. And this is one of the secrets to article

    Let?s take dog training as an example. The keyword here is dog training. But how
    do you know what the competition is, and how many people are searching for this
    particular keyword?

    There are several ?Free? tools available to perform this search. Personally, I like
    to use Keyword Elite to perform this search, and Keyword Elite isn?t free. It is a
    great tool, not only for finding keywords, but telling how profitable the market
    will be. One thing I really like about it, you do the work of both of the other tools
    at the same time. But if you have blown your budget, these free tools will work
    just find. After you make some money, you can always get the other tools to help
    you with your research.

    The two free tools for this research are Good Keywords and Google. With Good
    Keywords you type in your primary keyword, and it will give you related search
    terms, or long tail keywords. With Google, you can find out what the competition
    is for the keyword you are working with.

    The main keyword has over 100,000 searches which is quite a few. However, it
    has over 26 million competing sites. This is pretty massive competition, and for
    most people, you will not be able to compete at this level. But don?t give up just
    yet. This is where the long tail key words come into play. These are keywords
    that are searched on fewer times per month, and more importantly, have less

    For example, ?search and rescue dog training? has 814 searches, and 10,200
    competing websites. This is a lot easier to rank for.

    I told you earlier that article marketing was one of the simplest and easiest ways
    to get traffic to your site. Well here is the secret, you simply write an article about
    ?Search and Rescue Dog Training?. Then you publish this article to the various
    search directories.

    Your article needs to include a heading, the body, and the about the author box
    (the most important part). The heading needs to include the keyword or key
    phase you are trying to rank for. In our example the title would be ?Search and
    Rescue Dog Training Made Simple?, or ?How the Police Train Their Search and
    Rescue Dogs?.

    The search engines use Latent Semantic Indexing, so you want to use words that
    are similar to you key phase, but they don?t necessarily have to match the phase
    100%. This allows you to write your article more normally, that people will be
    able to read and understand more easily.

    How to Determine Your Keyword Density Level

    I think this is one of the more misunderstood parts of article marketing. I?ve
    heard the keyword density should range from 0.5% up to 6%. Personally, I think
    0.5% is too low, and 6% will probably get your article classified as spam, and you
    could get your article de-listed. I?ve had the best results when I keep the keyword
    density between 1% and 2%. The search engine bots can figure out what the
    article is about, and people are able to read it without it appearing forced.

    Basically, you need to include the keyword in your title, and you should include
    the keyword in each paragraph. You also want to include the keyword in the

    About the Author box as well. This will normally get you between 1% and 2%
    keyword density level, which is where you want to be.

    About the Author Box

    This is the most important part of your article. Here you provide the link back to
    your website. Without this link, your article may have the best information
    available on your topic, but if you don?t provide a link back to your site, all your
    effort has been wasted.

    Your link needs to contain the full URL and not just a hidden hyper link. For
    example http://www.mysite.com not just mysite.com as this allows the spiders to
    identify the link to your site and find it.

    Every time your article is used, it will provide the all important one way link to
    your website.

    A Step-By-Step Guide to Article Marketing

    Step 1: Identify a niche market

    You must first identify a profitable niche market which you want to target. Lets
    say for instance your website sells relationships guides, so one of your targeted
    niche markets can be inter-racial relationships.

    Step 2: Find a product to sell or affiliate programs to promote to your
    niche market

    For this, I?m assuming that you have not found a product to sell. If you are an
    affiliate marketer, you can visit some of the affiliate networks like
    www.ClickBank.com and www.PayDotCom.com to find a decent product to

    If you already have a website which offers a product targeted to your niche, you
    can skip this step.

    Step 3: Find at least 20 related keywords for each product

    Next, you need to do your keyword research. A useful tool would be Keyword

    Once you have gathered at least 20 keywords for the product/website, you can
    move on to the next step. Nonetheless, to improve your efforts, you might want to
    find more keywords.

    Step 4: Write articles for your keywords

    You can now start churning out the articles for your desired keywords. You need
    to write at least one article for each of your keywords. Remember, this is not the
    time to show off your writing skills. Though your articles ought to be free from
    major spelling and grammatical errors, you don?t have to use lots of bombastic
    and flowery language. Keep your sentences short and straight to the point and
    focus more on the content than language.

    If you simply can?t write, you can also outsource the writing of your articles to

    There are a couple more tips on writing articles which shall be covered in the
    section below.

    Step 5: Submit your articles

    Once you have your articles written, its time to submit your articles to the article
    directories. You do not have to submit the same articles to all the directories that
    you can find. Do take note that Google views this as duplicated content and will
    impose a penalty on these content.

    You just have to pick a few directories which are high in PR and traffic and
    concentrate your efforts on these few.

    Or if you prefer to put your articles submission on autopilot, you can subscribe to
    Submit Your Article.

    Examples of Article Directories



    The final secret to article marketing is to write lots of articles. There are nearly
    70 keywords that have over 500 searches a month. Write 70 articles, one for each
    keyword, and point them towards your website. Eventually, you will start getting
    traffic to your site, and it will not cost you anything.

    Now, if you don?t want to take the time to write the articles yourself, you can
    outsource the work, and hire someone to write the articles for you. But however
    you do it, you need to write a lot of articles and have the About the Author Box
    point back to your website. Remember to do the necessary keyword research,
    and target your articles to your website too!

    ..... :cool2:
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    mmm, except for the title, what does that have to do with PLR? Looks like regular bum marketing to me.
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    Don't touch the REP!
    Apply it to your spun PLR articles and there you go! :thumb:
    Think OUTSIDE of your box man!

    HTH .... :cool2:

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    Excellent job you have done. Nice and very useful information you shared with all BHWs. Thanks, good luck and keep it up. :)
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    wonderful Now I am going to burn out these thousands PLR articles in my disk.
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    Please allow me to copy paste your OP into notepad and read it there. My eyes are burning with the color of your fonts :)
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    Don't touch the REP!
    Cool! :thumb:

    HTH .... :cool2:

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    nice one there man! about to start the same thing, you just gave me more motivation to go on...thanks mate...:)
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    Online Marketing
    Technology World
    A newbie friendly thing... Greatly explained!
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    Great job popzzz! This is really good information, very simple and easy to follow. Thanks for the method. Another worth trying method in BHW! cheers :beer:
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    I wish I read that when I was a newbie, it would've saved me lots of time. Thanks a lot for this extremely useful guide.
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    sweet method
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    After concentrating more on the content of this thread, I have few questions to which the author of the thread or anyone who has experience can reply.

    1. Is the main purpose of putting your link in the "about the author" field only to get backlinks? Or will I get some traffic from people who would see my link and click it and if yes, why will they click, need I put a simple description of what my website's about?

    2. I do not want to create a wordpress blog or a money-making website, all I want to do is directly promote a clickbank product, so if I put my clickbank affiliate link ( a domain redirecting to it of course) in the about the author thing, will I get conversions, in other words will this method work for me?

    Thanks for replying.
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    Thanks for breaking down the process. I usually write with a degree of enthusiasm and to engage, entertain and inform. Since the goal of the writing is also to get "published" properly - in the right search positions and to get the reader's interest its kind of a double edge sword. It is important to really write about something that one had a burning desire to write about and to have some facts and knowledge. From now on I'll write with process in mind - it will take some getting used to but you really provided an excellent outline.
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    Wow... Basic stuff, but thanks for make me remember it.

    About kw density, I found 2-3 % main kw, and ALSO 1-1,5% LSI kw work best.

    Keep up the good work, buddy!

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    Wealth Exposes Itself to Those Willing to Share an
    on the web may aswell be
    Great job popzzz! Thanks for the method
    ps i love the the color of your fonts
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    I must say that the information is truly awesome. Thumps up
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    Nice post - as long as you keep on creating halfway decent and interesting articles you will not fail to gain traffic, and at the very least backlinks.

    Keyword density certainly is a major concern - the main thing is to ensure it is natural. However checking keyword density may not be absolutely necessary. Just as stated the easy way is to make sure the keyword in the title, use it in each paragraph and use a list of related long tail keywords in your article.

    Do this and you will not go far wrong.
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    By using keyword on every paragraph, your article won't get approved by EZineArticle.

    I just write an article on my notepad naturally and copy-pasted on EZA, and then hit preview button. The article submit form will tell you what percentage of keyword being used on it. You need to reduce it if they told the percentage is too high.

    The problem with EZA is when you submit a product review article, that usually mention a product name or brand or type several. One paragraph may contain up to 3 brand name on it.

    That's my limited experience with article directory.

    And thanks to OP for the write up
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    Great stuff popzzz! Thanks!
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