[Method] Pastebin + Shorte.st = $$$$ [Noob Friendly]

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Feb 19, 2013
I felt like sharing another method I've used in the past. Now I personally did not use a pastebin bot but I know people who use and have pastebin autoposters and it works amazing. I didn't use one and you can still get decent results without using one.

Now first you're going to need think of a bunch of random things to post on pastebin that would get peoples attention. Examples are things like 1,000 leaked xbox codes, 500 psn codes now leaked, 500 psn accounts leaked, how to get free runescape money, stuff like that.

You don't actually need to provide it, I would just make Short.est redirect to a ppd offer. Most didn't complete it but some did and that was extra money.

To start you're going to want to go over to pastebin and find a bunch of different titles to test. If I where you I'd create different Short.est links to test them on to see which converts the best.

Now start posting the pastes, in the description just write Hey, decided to release this and you can find it here. Then put your short.est link.

See which short.est link converts the best and then try some different variations to see what converts the best out of those. For different niches different variations of text will work better then others.

Best of luck with this method, I heard shorte.st recently starting paying out a lot more and people where making way more money with them so they're defiantly the best to go with right now!
And what is you payout per person? It does not seem like you could make substantial money from this, but then again if you scale it up, maybe.
And what is you payout per person? It does not seem like you could make substantial money from this, but then again if you scale it up, maybe.

Not much, the goal here is to scale it up and get a lot of visitors. If you use PPD with it you have a chance of making a lot more money.
Great and easy share OP. I will try,I will fail,I will look for PP monkeys,I will fail,I will try again,I might turn a profit. Thanks +1
I tried it just now. I posted exactly like you said as a test and I got 200 views in 1-2 minutes. Though I fail to monetize as I did it using google url shortner. Then I posted 3 more with shote.st. But it isn't getting any views and not even showing on the right side where we can see the latest pastes. Did they block me or something?
Hah fun method, but you really need an automation software to mass spam the links, otherwise you will rot over there at pastebin..
amazing share OP.Even if you using shortest URL make sure you use some other url shortner to shorten them. one of my friend caught spamming and didn't god paid.
Will have a bot out in the morning - couple of things to finish on it but 95% done :)
LOL, i hate going through these links. There's this one time I went through 5 or 7 short urls and never got what was promised.

Anyways, I've seen people use this short URL as well:

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