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    Alright this is my first real contribution to the forum, but I must admit I didn't come up with it myself, but rather was exposed to it.

    First some background, I'm in college at U of A and really this method will only work for college students because of the information you need access to. It's fairly simple and only involves selling your notes or study guides to desperate students who never go to class and don't have a clue what's on the big exam the next day.

    There's a site called NoteHall (google it) where you can upload your notes or study guides you make and when someone downloads and pays for it, you get paid. You might be thinking why would someone pay for notes when they could just as easily go to class and take them? Well the answer is these college students are lazy and will pay for an A.

    Down here at U of A, the majority of students come down from either Scottsdale or California where their daddies paid for them to get into college and naturally most of them are going for MRS degrees (no offense to the women who actually try and make something of their lives). They're more than willing to pay $5 for a study guide rather than sit in class for a few hours each week taking notes.

    So what do you do? When there's an exam or midterm coming up, find a study guide (get someone to make it for you) or if you actually go to class then take your notes, upload them to NoteHall, and then send an email out to everyone in your class saying "Hey I made a study guide for the exam coming up this Friday. You can download it here." At least down here, all I have to do is click one button to select everyone in the class and send out the email.

    I haven't tried this method yet (midterms just ended for me), but I did get a few emails from people doing this and I would get replies to the email from people saying "Hey thanks" or something along those lines and I've had my friends buy study guides off this site so I know it works. Some classes have over 500 people so if you can imagine you are able to make a pretty penny off these college students during midterm time. They get a study guide and you get paid. Everyone wins!

    P.S. Feels good to finally make a contribution even if it's only limited to college students :D
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