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    There are many threads with questions on how to monetize Twitter. Most popular recommendations are MyLikes, ChaCha, Opiniads etc. In my experience they are paying very little and shaving big time. So why not to use Shopping search engines instead which are paying per click up to $0.45. I'll share my experience with Shopzilla, Nextag and Shopping.com.

    I am not sure if you can apply with Twitter account - I got accepted with one of my websites. Then I was posting their links with TweetDemon to my 136k+ real targeted followers accross 35 accounts in different niches (mobile, NBA, gaming, cars, fashion). So first thing to do is to create some tweets in your niche to find out what your followers will click the most and how much it pays. Then multiply/spin these tweets and links to make sure all are unique and grow your earnings.

    The easiest to use is Shopzilla. It is mostly oriented on US traffic. Min payment - $50, Net 45. They have Beso shopping widget which will show you paid per click products: http://affiliates.beso.com/single-product. You have to check "Show only monetized offers" and "Display text link". Shorten the link and multiply it to post on Twitter. Again find out what pays the best and scale it up. My advice is to choose less expensive products which your followers may actually buy or Shopzilla will reject your traffic as of poor quality. In my case I had it 50:50 with Amazon products and always had sales of the same products on Amazon.

    Example of Earnings from some of the products for 2 days

    Clicks CPC $$$ Clicks CPC $$$

    PS3 headset 201 0.14 28.14 264 0.14 36.96
    Mini-keyboard 132 0.13 17.16 185 0.13 24.05
    Jordan CP3 VI 145 0.11 15.95 148 0.11 16.28
    Reebok Answer 110 0.09 9.90 133 0.09 11.97
    Nike Zoom Lebron X 41 0.08 3.28 82 0.08 6.56

    Another one is NexTag - they have an excellent real time tracking system from Performance Horizon, so you can see all the clicks in real time. Also they have detailed downloadable reporting - so you can find out what pays what. Using real time tracking I was able to check if they are shaving or not. With VPN and changing IPs I was clicking on the links myself . Their system registered all my clicks but later they were rejected as not valid. It wasn't my intention to cheat their system but just to check how it works. My conclusion - they are not shaving too much, at least not on a level of tracking clicks.

    The problem with NexTag is you can create text links only to search pages with 20 products on it. So you get paid per click only when your follower clicks second time on one of the products and lends on merchant page. I was trying this way with driving 115k+ visitors a day and could only reach about $5 a day. But there is a simple trick - you can use their widgets to create a banner then copy direct link to merchant store, shorten it and post on Twitter.

    Examples of CPC for different keywords/search pages (you wouldn't know on what of 20 product they clicked):

    $0.45 Nike 'Zoom Hyperfuse 2012' Basketball Shoe (Men)
    $0.38 oakland raiders phone case
    $0.32 http://twitter.com/search?q=Xbox
    $0.25 http://twitter.com/search?q=Xbox
    $0.23 marvel headphones
    $0.23 xbox live 12 month gold membership card
    $0.18 http://twitter.com/search?q=NBA
    $0.18 Body Glove Tactic Cell Phone Case for Samsung
    $0.17 lebron x

    Third one is Shopping.com a.k.a ebaycommercenetwork.com, I have an account with them but did not try it myself. They seem to be very similar to NexTag, you can use their widget to create direct text links to products instead of banners for posting on Twitter.

    Warning: Don't get greedy and stop with $20-30 a day which will be $600-900 a month of passive income - everyone knows Twitter traffic doesn't convert very well and they will just reject you if you'll try to go for more. Don't put your eggs in one basket - use all three Shopping engines and you may earn good passive income.

    You might say it's too much work choosing the right products, creating all these tweets, unique links etc. In my opinion it is not harder and even much easier then creating original content for websites, building links, dealing with Google algorithm, Zoo updates, listening to Matt Cuntts' BS and living in fear of getting banned by Adsense. You need just to build your system once and, enjoy the earnings and maintain it. Another thing - as soon as you'll plant their products into Twitter many links coud be clicked just from Twitter search results without even posting (see above).

    Basic Q&A:

    1. Q.How much did you earn with Shopping engines?
    A. With Shopzilla (my firs experience) during one month I've jump from $20 to $150 a day which was very wrong. So my traffic got rejected but they paid me in full because I did not brake any of their rules. My earnings with NexTag up to day are $468 (only with links to search pages = double clicks, which I don't recommend) but available for payment $238 and I've decided to wait until they will pay me. Their min payment for USA is $50 but I am a Canadian so it is $350 and Net 45.

    2. Q. How many tweets do you need?
    A. I was multiplying highest paying tweets to around 50 variations with unique links and spreading it into 10 accounts.
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    Very interesting. I think you can apply it to any social network. Did you try it with Facebook?
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    Hmn, so they pay up to $0,45 per ONE click or pet 1000? Sry for stupid question. And thats all? Nothing more to do?
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    As far as I know CPC means cost per click = one click, not 1000 clicks according to OP.
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    yes CPC is 1 click.
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    Great method will help get some money from twitter