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[Method] make money with 0$ investment and without previous experience

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by AshleyW, Jul 19, 2019.

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    Nov 22, 2018
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    This post contains more than 8,000 words and I do not count the words in the links to external sources.

    This guide was written following the requests of @1stargeneral and @Soulless Vinay in the post


    The truth is that I do not know exactly how to call this post because it's range from knowledge summary to beginners' guide.

    Most people who enter the IM field really want to learn how to succeed, but they do not know where to start. If you do not know what you don't know, then you probably don't know what subjects you need to learn to succeed and probably you will not be able to think on your own and get to the situation that you will create a list of topics that they are the "knowledge you need". I tried to summarize as much knowledge as possible from my personal experience (20 years of experience) in one post. To some of the topics I have attach an extended reading link (you do not have to read the add-ons but I definitely recommend you read them). These are basic things that I think you should know, because knowledge is power and when you have the knowledge you can choose for yourself how to utilize the knowledge you have and generate maximum benefit from it. Of course there is a lot more stuff that I do not cover, because it is impossible to compress all my knowledge into one post. In this post I do not include techniques for obtaining adult sites backlinks or information on adult sites backlinks. Although that if I see there is a positive response to this post I will consider writing a continuation post that will include adult sites backlinks.

    In addition, I want to give motivation to those who have failed and get burn from IM or those who want to try but are afraid to fail.

    The motivation I want to give you is quite simple, and it is the proof that it is possible to make money through the Internet ... even if the first financial gain will not be a considerable amount (it all depends on the level of individual time investment of each one) ... the feeling of I earned money on my own is what you need... I'm not kidding when I say that all you need is a little sparkle of fire that will touch the match and ignite the flame that is going to make you money.

    This little flame I'm talking about will show you the way and guide you so you will not be groping alone in the dark, you will walk your first step with little flame that will brighten you'r way.

    Although you will still be alone on this road, but at least you will go with a little more self-confidence and the fear that you will fall will disappear because the road is no longer dark and you've proved to yourself that it is possible to make money online.

    I'm telling you in advance that there is a bonus at the end of the post to motivate you, I have translated that bonus from an article in my language and this is the first time this information has been translated to English.

    All content written in this post is theoretical for the purpose of academic study only, and is not considered as a recommendation or encouragement for illegal actions such as copyright infringement.

    This is probably the most comprehensive guide written in this forum that concludes for those who do their first steps in the adults entertainment industry (I did not look into it deeply, but a short search on BHW seems to be enough for me to be correct until someone proves otherwise).
    It is possible that some of the written will look similar to one you saw or read in the past, but it is only because I did not invent the wheel. I am only writing about my personal experience of applying methods to be success. (I will not relate to what does or does not work because it may be that others will have success where I failed or failed where I succeeded).
    I mention that the guide will not always have the answers to your questions because I do not read your thoughts and cannot guess all the things that can be asked or taught and most importantly I'm a normal person and I forget stuff.

    The goal of the guide is to show tips and tricks and of course a number of options that you can choose to start the steps in the world of advertising and adults entertainment (of course there are more options but I concentrated in one place as much information as possible to make it easier to compare the options I know about to help you make the right choice for yourself).

    All examples in the manual and all price estimates or "financial gain estimates" are based on past experience and are only an estimate and should not be considered as a recommendation.

    It is possible that an individual person can have a higher cost with less profit, or a relatively high profit considering that he has not invested money in it only time to study and actually implement what he has learned.

    If you answered yes to one of these 4 questions then this guide is not for you.
    • If you think you know everything because you already have a lot of experience, skip this post and carry on with your life.
    • If you give up easily leave now.
    • If you are not willing to invest your time to self-study go forward and retire right now.
    • If you are looking for easy money or quick money this is not the place for you.
    To whom the guide is intended:
    • If you are interested in creating a new adult entertainment website or you already have an adult website and looking for some tips and tricks to promote and develop your site (some of the tricks are relatively old but are written according to my opinion and have been upgraded according to my personal experience).
    • If you are not easily discouraged, and you are determined to succeed against all odds (Let me remind you that it is not easy to succeed against your competition in the adult entertainment because it is a highly competitive and challenging market).
    • If you do not have the knowledge or experience or money to set up a professional adult entertainment site independently without the help of other people.
    • If you do not know programming or you do not want or cannot pay for building a website or buying a CMS with domain and web hosting.
    • If you are interested in 100% profit without investment not even $0 investment (It all starts and ends in your seriousness and mainly in your ability to persevere and invest in something precious than you have it abundantly, and if you have not understood then I am talking about time just time).
    • If you want to start earning money so you can save it as seed money for a larger project that you plan to establish in the future.

    You have to understand that there are many sites that can capitalize for your personal benefit, especially if you intend to combine with the techniques I am talking about.

    And what I'm going to do is to arrange things so that you understand how this method works, we'll start by focus on a certain type of websites.

    It is known that there are sites that allow registered users to upload movies directly to the site system and then receive money only when the user reached a certain minimum level of followers and viewers, just like the concept of YouTube only in porn and the reason you do not focus on this type is that the fact that you need to own copyright in order to get money from you updating porn content, a familiar example of such a site is pornhub that I'm sure you probably already know.

    Because you do not want to spend money on producing "content" aka "porn movies" and the fact that it takes a lot of time to produce porn movies from video shooting to editing etc...

    At that point you probably already understand that if you do not have the money to buy porn movies or the ability to make porn movies of your own then you have no choice but to use black hat techniques (after all that's what you expect to find on BHW :D ).

    By the way if you have the money, I recommend that you follow the explanation of @dev666 then you can pay for content and resell them.

    Some preliminary summarizes on the "operating and maintenance costs" according to what he published .

    Cost of establishment and maintenance in the first year: $ 2585 (not including the cost of purchasing content).

    Maintenance cost for the second year: $ 2290 (not including content acquisition costs).

    Personally, I have no experience with the script he recommends and I have not tried the hosting companies he recommends.

    I remind you that this price estimate is general based on past experience of another person and is only an estimate and should not be considered as a recommendation.

    If you are interested you can read more at post which he wrote in the link


    So what is the cost? what is the minimum price to establish a porn site ? And does this include the cost of ongoing operation? And of course we have not yet talked about SSL and the complex issue of secure the site against hackers ... So it's true that you can set up a new site for less money and even for free ... but it's already something you have to decide for yourself how much you want to sink, and are you willing to take a risk and lose money just to succeed.

    If you are serious and wishes to own the field of adult entertainment then you have to remember that sites of this type usually grow very quickly and you have to plan ahead and be prepared to buy a powerful server that could handle the volume of visitors and especially the volume load during peak hours (If a search engine cannot access your site because it is not available because of the visitors load so it is not good , and if visitors cannot watch movies during peak hours then it is not good because they will skip to another site and will never come back).

    When it comes to sex sites usually rule of thumb says you see real money and actually make a good profit from these sites, only when it comes to hundreds of thousands of users a day for every day of the year.

    So in one day there are 24 hours and every hour has 60 minutes and every minute has 60 seconds.

    If you really expect that in one day 100,000 people will watch your site, you do not really think that all of the 100K will stand in a neat queue and everyone will wait in turn to surf your site? Definitely not.

    Each one of them will want to watch the content he is interested in right now and as soon as possible.

    If they do not get what they want quickly, then they will simply skip to another site because your site has not provided them with the goods.

    I emphasize that unlike sites in other less resource consuming niches, an adult website must have a powerful server that can handle at least 5K of people being connected at the same time (It is better if the server can support more people connected at the same time) because at the end of the day, what's most important is pick hours.

    So by now you already understand that in one day there are 24 hours that every hour has 60 minutes and every minute there are 60 seconds, and if you plan on your site will be an international site, so in one day you will have about 4 hours from which about 2 am and 2 pm (meaning both sides of the world if you consider Europe and the United States, but if you also include Austrilla then you have to worry about 6 peak hours).

    If we rely on the 80/20 rule, then 40K UV will enter the site at any time during the peak hours period and we have 2 peak hours periods per day and the other 20K surfers they will enter during different times throughout the day.

    There is difference between establishing a site that is "dedicated niche site" versus a general site (levels of difficulty in ranking on SERP vs utilizing an existing site that is already SERP rated).

    A niche site is a website that deals with a specific topic (niche), from a variety of directions and angles. This may be a site about "adult" or a "certain fetish" or a "sex guide" or "hot pictures" or "sex comics" or any other niche you wants. What makes a niche site a passive asset is the possibility of making it a source of income - whether through the sale of products and services relevant to the niche, or whether through the sale of advertising space and so forth….

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Website or blog?
    A question many ask - what is the difference between a niche site and a blog? Well - much has been said and written on the subject, but to save you time and headache I will simply explain that the difference is negligible, so the answer to the question is that it does not really matter.
    In principle, blogs have been caught and are still perceived as more personal than websites, I mean more personal than commercial, but on the practical level niche sites and blogs have been intermingled many years ago, and many publishers combine the two on the same domain. When it comes to a sub-category in a particular field, then there are competition openings because this is usually a longer phrase than short keywords. For example, it would be easier for you to promote a specific phrase that relates to something very precise like long tail keyword "hot blonde milf with a huge bust and a small ass" than a general and relatively competitive phrase like "porn".
    Now the goal is always to start small and then slowly step by step always add long tail keyword and grow.

    How long does it take for a new site to be displayed on Google?
    Promoting a new site in the various search engines is at least half a year to a year of time investment without results or with really minimal results in competitive territory like porn, of course that until you start to see a positive financial income from the site could be prepare more or less time and more often it tends toward longer, which means that you need to plan a budget to hold the site active with no earnings at least for the first year plus an option to a safety net for the second year. Business owners who built their own site are asking me when Google will start displaying their site in the search results. This question is asked because of the rumors about Google's "sandbox".

    What is Google's "Sandbox"?
    The "Sandbox" is an expression of the phenomenon that new sites do not appear in Google search results for a "cooling-off period" until they are high enough and accumulate enough "power" to get into real places.
    On the other hand, there are people who think that Google is actually "Pushes" new sites to the top of the search results, as if it gives them a "grace period" and actually sets them up to gauge their quality. Perhaps the closest thing to Google's approach is to give a chance to new sites and see if they meet Google's expectations, of course.
    Google cannot really stand on the qualities of the site also surfers both on the site and outside. In an experiment conducted by Google titled "How Google's search results will look only according to what is on the site" Google concluded that the results of the experiment are not satisfactory, to say the least. In order for the results to be good, in Google's eyes, one more element of ranking is the behavior of surfers. Since the surfers and more correctly the behavior of surfers have become a component of the ranking of sites by Google, as long as the site is on page 10, 6 and 3, few surfers will reach him, if any. So Google does not really get real data from surfers about the quality of content on the site because there are no surfers. Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that Google wants to reveal a new site, give it a decent and respectable place to try it with real surfers and then rate it like any other site. The "sandbox" approach has no support, and certainly not from the Google representatives, and they are also surprised by questions about the "sandbox". They relate to the question jokingly, so it is false to know who is behind the "sandbox" theory. The term "sandbox" was invented by site promoters using methods that Google dislikes and whose sole purpose is to rank or rather to deceive the search engine in ranking the results. These methods usually include "bombarding" massive links and writing massive content. The same site promoters "wonder" why Google does not display their site, and they have created a lot of links.
    True - these are spam links, right - because these links from anonymous blogs and forums are further rejected, but site promoters expect that creating links under each tree will display their site at the top of the search results. It turns out that Google has other considerations. Therefore, as an explanation for themselves or for the business owners whose sites they promote, the term "sandbox" was invented. In other words, this is the excuse of site promoters whose methods do not work. Maybe they worked in the past, but now they do not work.

    This is how the conversation takes place between a business owner who has a website on the Internet and the site promoter who does not do much for his client.

    Client: I've been paying you for SEO for six months, but my site is not in Google's search results. What's going on?
    Website promoter: [Looking Up] Your site is in the sandbox?
    Client: What's a sandbox? Why does not he appear on Google?
    Website promoter: [A look of compassion in the eyes] Google decided to put your site in the sandbox and that means it does not show you in the search results.
    Client: How long will it last?
    Website promoter: Usually it ranges from 4 to 6 months, but I cannot promise you anything about it.
    Client: Do something! Talk to Google!
    Website promoter: ... ... ...
    And so the conversation continues without results ...

    Punishment from Google
    It is quite reasonable to assume that the whole "sandbox" issue was born due to Google's penalty policy, and if you did not know on the penalties, there would be a significant drop in rankings and a disappearance from the search results.

    The activity of creating links in quantities from unrelated sites can turn on "red light" in Google's mechanisms as a suspicion of creating unnatural links. I cannot say whether it's 10 links, 100 or 1,000 links in a short time period because not only the number of links determines but also the sites where they were created and other parameters that enable Google to estimate the quality of the link and accordingly their contribution to the ranking of the site that the search results.

    Competitive market
    If your site is in a competitive market, your competitors have cultivate their web properties for many years. This does not mean anything about your chances of being rated on the front page, but you will need to invest many resources.

    Let's take for example a competitor who invests $2,000 a month in SEO. I do not judge the moment and examine the quality of the promotion, I'm just saying that he invests the money month by month and that he has been doing it continuously for the past 5 years.

    5 years = 60 months and if every month he spends $2,000 his total investment is $120,000 ! Right? Logic says you should invest at least a similar amount to what he has invested. Then maybe it will not take you 5 years, maybe it will take you 3 years, a significant time period anyway because assuming the market is very competitive, a "list of sites" that grab the first page, the second and maybe the third, so even if you do a good job on promotion, your site will scratch the third and possibly fourth page because its competition starts from there.
    To conclude time equals money.

    Enough with the small talk, let's get back to our subject and it's how to make money.
    You probably know that there are thousands of websites that are displaying the same porn videos ....
    You've probably seen a lot of these sites copying movies from the big sites and presenting them under new and different title or sometimes they even do not change the title and the keywords.
    Well you're probably asking yourself
    can you really make money with this method.
    And why should people want to watch the movie I'm uploading?
    When they already have this movie in another 1000 porn sites…

    People are going to watch the porn movies that you are updating because I'm going to talk about a slightly different strategy.... and in order to understand it you need to learn a new term and it is the: Deep web (Also referred to as the invisible network or the underground network) refers to information on an Internet network that can not be mapped by search engines. This concept should not be confused with Darknet Networks and Hidden Services Tor.
    Dark networks are part of the deep network, but they are only a small part of this network.

    Mike Bergman founder of BrightPlanet Coined the term, a famous saying that "Internet search is now possible to compare to dragging a fishing net across the ocean: You can catch quite a bit of networking, but there is a lot of information that is deeper and therefore misses the point." Most of the information on the network is found on dynamic pages, those that are password-protected or those that are CAPTCHA protected so network crawlers cannot crank it. These dynamic pages are pages that are generated automatically by a network script (such as the Google search results page) and exist only a short time, so they cannot be archived. Number of pages in the deep network in 2001 estimated 500 times the visible grid, and if you do not understand what a tremendous amount I'm talking about then I remind you that these numbers have to be multiply many times because we are already in 2019 and almost two decades has passed away.
    for further reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deep_web

    After we understood the meaning of the term called "Deep Web" we understand that the answer lies in the explanation on the "Deep Web" and here you probably ask yourself, how can you take advantage of the fact that there are such sites that are less accessible to surfers that I'm pretty sure not technological people will have a hard time getting around in such sites.

    Well the answer is that you are going to take advantage of the fact that they are less accessible and less easy and comfortable to our target audience. If this is not understood by you so far, then our target audience are less experienced users who know how to operate technology only in a basic way. So due to the small fact that search engines do not scan these closed or inaccessible sites ,this small fact allows you to make money (some examples in a nutshell: downloading movies through direct download links that are advertised in forums or to download movies from torrents and then simply upload them to sites that enable the movies to be observed online on smartphones).

    For those that still remember what is PUB ( a nickname for Public FTP server ) the good memories of the good times when the films were distributed in pubs and all my closest friends begged me to share them with them, these friends were willing to do anything to gain access to a quality pub.

    And yes I really believe that with a bit of work and detection you can also take advantage of these hidden pubs because they still exist as a database fo people that keep them as backup.

    I am sure there are quite a few pubs with old vintage porn movies that are harder to find online today.

    For the young BHW forum members here who do not know what I'm talking about, I'll explain a bit and give an example. and to make it easy for you to understand what I'm talking about first read about FTP (If you already know what it is FTP Then you can skip this step but I recommend reading a bit to refresh the memory).
    for further reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Transfer_Protocol

    In the not so distant past lots of sharing pioneers would share movies between friends or even sell access to those premium pubs.

    Today, a few years have already passed and we already have several sites that make it possible to search in pubs (the nickname name for Public FTP server )

    These sources that are "accessible for everyone" except for those who do not know about their existence, and how a person who does not know about the existence of it should look for it.
    These pubs are still considered as forgotten history of the Internet and those who use them are people like me who are still accustomed to the convenience of using them.
    Still confused? So there's another little explanation at Link.

    What I explain here is just an example and I'm not willing to share my private list of pubs, so please do not ask me to share my private list of pubs.
    Because I'm very nice I'm sharing with you a source which is quite familiar, but pushing you in the front door so you can find many more sources that are not known to the general public.
    www.mmnt.net and www.mmnt.ru/int/

    Huge List of Torrent Sites
    A little tip I'm recommending to use a good up-to-date antivirus if you're going to use pubs or torrents.

    Our target audience are lazy people who are not willing or do not know how to download porn movies from forums or torrents or pubs.
    Your goal is to give those lazy people these "porn content" on a silver platter so they do not have to make an effort to consume it.
    You're really going to be a porn waiter on the Internet, and it's known that waiters are making great tips because people are lazy.
    Just like those waiters who go around with a tray with lots of snakes and distribute them between lazy people, and those waiters keep going back to the kitchen to refill the tray with fresh snakes who had just been taken out of the oven (in your case the snacks are replaced with new porn movies, so yes you will be a porn waiter).
    Another technological change that you must know how to exploit is the development of smartphones.
    We may not feel it, but we are at the heart of a historical storm. The way we conduct our lives has changed completely since that we add a smartphone our lives. Today we are connected to the network at any moment, consuming information and content everywhere and at any time, leaving behind a trail of digital crumbs, sketching our lifestyles and consumer preferences.

    The iPhone responsible for this revolution more than any other product.

    After the iPhone launched in the US in 2007 the greatness of the device conceived by Steve Jobs, is that he was able to crack the problem that Nokia could not crack and defeat by failing to solving the problem - How to make the Internet truly mobile, and how to make it accessible to every user.

    And as you probably know the Internet is for porn and if you do not believe it then you should watch the video

    The success was overwhelming, and today the smartphones have inherited the computers and have become our main gateway to the network. The smartphones, followed by tablets, changed the way we interact with the world, our social relationships, the way we explore and understand the world around us, and of course change the way we consume entertainment.

    The smartphones revolution opens us to a new target audience that did not exist five years ago, because only five years ago the smartphones began to be common and everyone in advanced western world over the age of 18 has one, since then progress has only grown from day to day at a dramatically dizzying pace.

    This is true that it's possible to download porn movies to the smartphone, but downloading porn from torrent to the smartphone is uncomfortable and not particularly fun when you want to watch it right now.

    In addition to the fact that most of your target audience probably not wanting to leave incriminating traces on his smartphone

    The target audience are lazy people that the Internet is new to them thanks to the smartphones revolution.

    It's a new target audience that does not know or cannot access content in the deep web ... but you as a person with a little more experience and a little more technological capabilities can access the content you want and make it available to them and thus make money. You will capture their hearts and this is what will make them want to enter and watch the porn content you update.
    That's why you are going to learn how to utilize for your benefit file sharing sites that provide services of uploading video files for the purpose of instant video streaming.
    The method is very simple and it's to earn money from file sharing sites that pay you by the amount of views usually calculated as xx$ for 10K views from T1 or T2 countries etc ...
    When you use a file sharing site you are actually using a large site that has better bargaining power and gets better deal for ads pricing that are shown during the visitor watching the movie or pop-up ads that are presented to the viewer.
    I have no interest to publishing this or that website, so I choose not to recommend a specific file sharing sites.
    In this section you will have to perform a little research and choose for yourself which site to use.

    Now we understood how we make money from the Deep web we have a few options but we will focus on the method of publishing movies on sites that allow it freely and for free because you currently have no money or ability to set up a website (if you want to build a site there is no shortage of other guides on the forum explaining it or you can hire someone to build your site). of course, you can always publish the porn movie link directly to WhatsApp or Telegram or Kik but you want viewers continue visit the link continuously throughout the year so you must harness the wonderful power of SEO For your own good. Moreover WhatsApp and Telegram and Kik groups and all these groups applications are very limited in the number of people in the group, while SEO has unlimited potential.

    If you have reached the conclusion that you do not want to build a site then you need to find some sites that agree that you will publish the links to the porn movies you upload.

    I'm giving a link here to such site https://www.youpornzz.com (This site received a massive amount of traffic few years ago) by the way this will be the only site I will give you as a proof that these sites do exist, and if you want a list of a few more sites then you must search for it yourself.

    A little tip that will help you find such sites, sometimes they will have a page like https://www.youpornzz.com/pages/become-uloader.html

    You can try to find these pages with your favorite search engine or by searching for "wanted ads" on the job secession of adult forums.

    You want to find sites that have:
    1. signs of organic entries from search engines.
    2. smartphone optimized display.
    3. good loading speed.
    4. able to withstand a lot of traffic.
    5. nice design.
    6. user-friendly interface.
    So you probably ask yourself, how do you know that the site you do not own can withstand the load?
    The answer is that as long as you do not own that site you do not really know, but it is possible to perform tests with all kinds of tools on the Internet to assess how many visitors enter a certain site. The trick is to know how to compare with a number of different tools and then calculate the average and assess whether you think the potential site to succeed. The trick is to know how to compare with a number of different tools and then calculate the average and assess whether you think the site potential for succeed. Let's examine for example youpornzz and we will practice a simple test together. yes it's not the best site you can find but it is good enough for a start plus the fact I've already done the hard work of researching the site history and cross-referencing data from several different sources that keep a history of sites.

    I will not give you the full list of tools I used, but I will give you some tools that are free and should be a good enough basis to simply check whether the website is considered an active site or a dead site and whether it receives organic traffic.

    In this picture you can see that at the beginning in the first year of the site apparently received traffic with the help of a sponsored promotion because only this way you can get a large number of visitors in such a short time at the beginning of a new site (also the tools I used said that it was a paid traffic :suspicious: )


    This massive amount of traffic was only for a period of about a year and probably the advertising budget has run out or the owner has decided to stop with sponsored advertising.

    So we already know that the site we are testing could withstand about half a million sessions a day, but wait.... you probably already know that a site with a static page can handle that load also with shared hosting. well we know that the site system is dynamic because it updates the most viewed movies and comment system and option to search the site... so we can estimate that this is probably not cheap shared hosting.

    Another free tool that could shed light on the status of sites (Personally I use the paid version and the 2 following screenshot are from the paid version) although the free version is quite reasonable.


    I remind you that paid tools are based on each person's personal preference, and I'm not going to specifically recommend any paid tool since the whole purpose of this post is to do it without any financial investment.

    From the next screenshot you probably understand that most visitors almost 70% are watching it through their smartphone, which is a good thing because it's our target audience (lazy people who want to watch porn from the smartphone).


    From the following screenshot you can see that the paid traffic was completely stopped and switched to 100% organic traffic and it's seems to be only an increase in the amount of organic traffic that this site receives from the search engines.


    Alexa is another free and well-known tool for checking site history.
    A lot of people no longer consider Alexa ranking and it has lost its importance over the last 5 years, but it still gives you a free and quick indication if the site is active.
    Alexa is a global ranking system that utilizes web traffic data to compile a list of the most popular websites, the "Alexa Rank". The lower your Alexa rank, the more popular (for example, a site with the rank of 1 has the most visitors on the internet). Alexa estimates site statistics based on panel data. Essentially they record browsing behavior from a representative sample set and extrapolate that to cover the internet population at large. In the not so distant past Alexa pulled most of it's data via toolbar tracking, they have since branched out to cover multiple browser extensions.

    Tip publishers extent and the see a drastic reduction of the number of visitors directed to your site from the engines search , it is recommended to perform from time to time trial by about 50 popular search engines on the net (at least in the search engines you know that they draw visitors to your site) as long as the page in question scanned and indexed foremost and Blocked due to a claim dmca So it's better not to delete the page, and only to the site that checked all the list of search engines and saw that all of them the same page blocked only then it is better to delete it, and upload the movie to a new page.

    If you're doing a researche on porn websites and you find that a site gets DMCA it's good because it means the site that attracts attention but you should see if the site knows how to deal with these DMCA so that it can stay in the air and not be closed so easily. A nice way to check this is by searching on Google for all the pages of the site by using "site:" before the website address

    If the site is still in the air after several months of the time when the first DMCA claims appear, it means that the site is hosted by a company that ignores dmca claims. But on the other hand there is not much to do with a dmca that submitted directly to the various search engines and the only solution is to re-create the movie page slightly different with a slightly different title and new text.

    Why is it important to invest in a quality thumbnail image? well the answer is in order to entice the visitor to watch the your porn.

    How to select effective porn thumbnails? First of all you need to understand what is a video thumbnail.

    A thumbnail is a reduced-size version of a video. Originally it got the name from being about the size of the nail of a human thumb. Thumbnails are used by various platforms (especially social media) because they're easier to scan and organize the original files. By using thumbnails, platforms can make smaller and easily viewable pages and allow users to have control over exactly what they want to see.

    Why is a video thumbnail important?
    Your probably heard this phrase many times - "Do not judge a book by its cover". Although these are words to live by, it is often the most neglected advice. every day, every minute, every second, your videos are judged by their thumbnails. in fact, video thumbnail plays a very important role in encouraging viewers to hit the PLAY button. with so many videos on the Internet competing for attention, a video thumbnail can determine whether your video is watched or ignored.

    How do you select an engaging thumbnail?
    It should hint at the main sex scene that will compel viewers to click
    Additionally the thumbnail should be compatible with the porn title.
    For example: if the title is "hot bj from milf pornstarname" then the thumbnail should be the actress giving a bj while her face clearly visible and seductive.

    Why are tagging and description important?
    In order to facilitate horny visitors to find the porn that turns them on.
    search engines cannot watch the movie and interpret the content of the porn video itself and tagging helps search engines understand what is the content presented in the porn, what positions perform, the body description of actresses and actors.

    It may seem trivial but very small details like:
    • blonde or brunette
    • large or small breast
    • does she have tattoos?
    • The name of a famous actress or "Porn Star"
    • Words that describe a certain sexual fetishism or erotic fetishism.
    Let's take fetish types for example and we will break them into demography.
    If we do so we will sample 10000 random horny people we will find out that they are divided into cumulative percentages.
    • fetishes included clothing (58.3%)
    • rubber and rubber items (22.9%)
    • footwear (14.6%)
    • body parts (14.6%)
    • leather (10.4%)
    • soft materials or fabrics (6.3%)
    If for example you want to target a demography that searches for body parts which is approx 14.6% and it's divided into subcategories:
    • approx 47% prefer feet
    • approx 9% specific body size
    • approx 7% hair
    • approx 18% legs
    • approx 7% body hair (unshaven).
    • approx 4% mouth
    • approx 16% nails
    You can reach the maximum of people from the "body parts" fetish categories because you bind many of subcategories and in fact you have reached a wider market segment with one single porn movie because in any porn movie you can always describe body parts.

    For example:

    Some more facts you need to know
    The term "tag" refers to a keyword or concept that is pinned to an information item that in your case is a video. The tag, in fact, helps to describe the information in the item and allows it to be more accurately retrieved in the search results. This is especially useful for video files that do not contain text and are therefore more difficult to find in search.
    Another advantage of using tags is the ability to quickly locate information that is not under the hierarchical structure of a subject tree.
    Perhaps in the future when the technology of artificial intelligence will be more advanced then search engines could understand what is happening in the movies without the help of human being.
    But unfortunately we are not there yet, and you are tasked with writing the "film summary" with the descriptions of the main scenes and actions so that the search engines could associate the film with certain scenes or acts that people are looking for.

    Okay so you put a description of the film, so why add tagging if there is already text that the search engine can understand?
    The answer is divided into two reasons why to add tagging.

    The first reason is to make it easier for the person watching the movie to find more porn that linked as "internal links" to tags by one simple fast click (remember, our target audience are lazy people who have difficulty with technology and you have the task of making their lives easier). by the way, most CMS today know how to present to the viewer recommendations of additional porn with the help of tagging.
    The second reason it's to link the film to other films in similar categories and thereby strengthen its position by internal linking that will hint to the search engines that the film is indeed important and really connected to the porn key words.
    for further reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_(metadata)

    There are 3 main ways to create tags:

    1. To add tagging words from a closed list of keywords
    2. To add user defined tagging words - this is typical of tagging Web2 sites. This is a phenomenon called "Folksonomy" in which labeling is done by users of the information, and the language in which the labeling is done is the language of the users and not the language of the knowledge specialists (as opposed to the taxonomy used as a scientific tool for classifying information). Folksonomy gives a lot of power to the user and makes it easier for him to find information by creating an independent cataloging mechanism for the information. The great disadvantage of the method lies in its advantage, because if users do not correctly label the information (for example, spelling mistakes), there may be "noise" in the system, which makes it difficult to locate the relevant information. Further reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Folksonomy
    3. Auto tagging - when the system labels using the algorithmic mechanism the content of the knowledge item.
    One of the most common ways to use tags is to use a tag cloud. A tag cloud is a collection of tags related to a particular stockpile, some of which appear bolder and larger. In this way, the cloud helps us to see the main issues in the database. Clicking on one of the tags in the cloud will lead us to all content relevant to the tag. Further reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud

    How to write a movie description and tags?
    You just have to watch the whole movie and make notes…………………….

    I'm just kidding :p

    Do not waste your time watching the whole porn movies you upload because then you're wasting precious time and both of us know you will not keep working and these will just start to rub your ****

    I will spare you the waste of your time by telling you that all the production companies are already publishing the film summary and tag words plus a list of actions (sometimes even from which minute a particular action starts and what is the length of the scene) in there official production website, or if you download the movie directly from a link you found in a forum then most of the time there is also a summary with tags.

    After about 2 weeks of continuous practice every day you will be an expert on cross-referencing porn titles and extracting information from the porn producer's website.

    it's better to change slightly the info you extract from the porn producer's website and optimize it based on what I explained about targeting a target audience and here in time you will be an expert of adding general information that in 80% of the time will be very similar to the content of the porn movie without having to watch the porn movie itself.

    But for the title you'll have to be creative and think about a good clickbait title for yourself
    Further reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clickbait

    In the menu of youpornzz you can see a catalog of production companies, which can make it easier for you to if you do not know what to start focusing on because you could check which categories are lacking in content and start filling them with content.

    if you focus on a certain number of porn production companies (start focusing on a maximum of 7 porn production companies) then you can get to the situation that you are already extracting information about the film from the production company's website automatically and quickly, and every day you decide that you choose one film production company and run on as many movies as they have recently released.

    So you need a good source with updated downloads from the same production company and you will be targeted in a specific area so that if you work only against two sources of information (for example one source of information is downloads forum, another source of information is production companies for cross-referencing texts and tags) if you find some good forums where most of the download have also a summary with data to be used as a base source for texts and tags, it means that you will working with one source of information.

    A very important tip: In order to avoid a duplicate text situation, it is recommended to add a few of the tags describing the action inside the sentences of the description paragraph. Even better if you would be able to add "Long tail Keyword" in the description paragraph, an excellent and fast way to do this is to pre-select a few words of popular actions and one-time doing a little research on their long tail keyword and when you have such a ready-to-use list in your ammunition kit then you add them randomly to the description paragraph of the porn and this will make it easier to get visitors to your page from the search engines.

    How to know whether a model or porn production company is popular (using Forhanhab data + a brief explanation about Google Trend).

    So how do you really know whether a model or porn production company is more popular?
    Just ask the big guns, and again I'm here to explain what it means.
    The next link may be familiar to some of you and if not, then you should learn from it's great knowledge and draw inspiration from it.
    Pornhub Insights is research and analysis directly from the Pornhub team, and if you cross-check the data you drew from it with the existing knowledge on the excellent tool of the big brother https://trends.google.com/trends then you will be riding a winning horse.

    If you do not know and not yet have experienced with this tool then I'm recommend that you seek "google trends tutorial" although its quite understandable and it do not really need an explanation.

    I'm not kidding, it's recommended to take data from Insights and compare them to Google trends search results and see if they are on the rise or are actually on the decline.

    Bonus section

    If porn is considered illegal in your country, then maybe it is worth your while to enter the show business following a strange yet important court ruling.

    If a judge in my country ruled that way, then I suppose that a judge in other countries where porn is illegal will think similarly.

    The question recently asked in court is if porn production protected by copyrighted? According to a legal precedent set by the judge in my country court, the answer is no. The story began after a chain of adult accessories stores, which deals with the import and development and marketing of sex products and among other things the owner of the store does erotic films production.

    The owner of the store sued a pirate pornographic tube site by claiming that the "tube site owner" has distributed 15 films he produced without his permission and demanded no less than $ 450,000 for violating his copyright rights.

    The judge rejected the claim outright, saying that the pornographic films in question are not erotic films or art "they are no less but porn in its most obvious sense." According to the ruling, although copyright exists for pornographic films, these films are not entitled to protection, since they are considered "abomination", the distribution of which is considered a criminal offense, and the dissemination of these films contradicts social values.

    Although the court ruled that the site violated the rights of the owner of the store and uploaded the films without its approval, the court refused to rule in its favor, because the distribution of pornography is illegal in the country. In his ruling, the judge ruled that while pornographic films have copyright, their infringement does not provide relief to the right holders, since the preparation and distribution of the films is illegal and violates public regulations.

    For the sake of comparison, the judge compares the lawsuit before him to a drug dealer who concocted a new and successful drug and sues another dealer for infringing copyright.

    Throughout the judgment, the judge justify himself and answers in advance to the expected claims of infringement of freedom of expression or imposition of censorship. "The dispute before me pertains to the question of copyright in the pornographic work and not to broadcasting it" he says. "The ruling in this judgment is not to censor pornographic films, or to prevent their dissemination, nor does it seek to punish the plaintiff. All that is in the ruling is that the plaintiff is not entitled to the protection of the copyright law, when it deals with the activity defined in the Penal Code as illegal".

    The judge agreed that the "sinner benefits" by distributing pornographic material without paying for the copyright infringed, but added that "the denial of protection can constitute a significant negative incentive for the production of pornographic films and hence reduce the phenomenon."

    I hope you enjoyed and gained wisdom from the knowledge I have conveyed in this post :rolleyes:

    If something is not understood and there are questions, please feel free to ask :alien:
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    After I began updating 50 movies a day each and every day, it was about $150 a day on average.

    Everyone and his abilities, maybe I was lucky and maybe I could make more money because there are no promises of financial gain only with smart work and constant persistence.

    But I did not write about it, because it's already a financial investment of profits and therefore it's no longer belongs to the guide.
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