[METHOD] Make Money On YouTube Without Showing Your Face (Proof Shown) 100% Free Worldwide

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Jun 19, 2009
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I Haven't seen this method anywhere before.

Using software to aid in making videos has been shown before but this exact method I haven't seen anywhere.

This method has a very viral effect to the videos because the videos are predisposed to having viral factors build into them.

The method is making Visual Data Videos showing the growth or status of a topic or thing over time.

The software is 100% free to use does all the work for you. You don't need to code or do any kind of technical work.

The software is called florish studio and it has tons of templates to work from but as the video will show you, you really would only need one to start making a killing today.

so the method is finding things that have a ranking over time and letting the software do the work.

I am not trying to short change you on supplying you guys a written sample of this method, but its very difficult to explain this method by the written word.

Its basically plugging in info about a topic into a spreadsheet and the software makes it into a visual effect. The topics are viral in nature such as Pewdiepie vs t-series subscriber history 200-2018
*Disclaimer* This is my video and doesn't have any affiliate links, or any promotion at all in the video or the description.

The video will be a much better learning tool then I can actually put into words

If you have any questions, I will answer them in the comments below.
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thanks! keep sharing these.
btw your channel is great i did subscribe few weeks ago.
Wow what a great share, bookmarking this for sure.

This is really smart, thanks OP good detective work :cool:
How do people make money from these viral videos? Through youtube-adsense?
where can you get the data?

how t

yes same question how to get the data like most population in world etc

You get the data from reputable sources and plug them into the spreadsheet. You can even link the source in the video description for more creditably.

As always, do a search on google for something like top ten movies in 2000. Then do it for 2001 and so on and so forth.

*Power tip* you could look up spreadsheets that already have the info found for you...
deserved a like from me, thank you for sharing
Awesome share.....this is the reason I luv BHW!
Its brilliant idea, i think it can use for many language. How to get credible data is mainly important..
I've never used YouTube on the creator side, but don't videos have to be a certain length for ads or something? (EDIT: Nvm, did a search and that's not the case. I use an adblocker so I don't really see ads often) Seems like these videos are pretty short. I mean, there are other ways of monetizing but ads are probably the big one. Nevertheless, I've already thought up several twists regarding this.Thanks for the share OP!
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