[METHOD] Make $500+ a month with AMAZON and FANDOM!

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    So previously I posted about how I made $300+ using quizzes and facebook groups. Well I got a good feedback from people who tried it. And also I've been trying a new method so here we go with it.

    Old Thread:
    How Quizzes can help you earn $$$ using Facebook!

    What are we going to do?

    Giving customers to AMAZON and getting the commission.

    Whom are we going to target?

    Fandoms. We are going to target fandoms. Probably they are the best to get traffic too.


    1. Make 5 facebook accounts. and give them a real overlook, add some fake friends ( random) Tag them, Add some pictures and do your best to make them look real.
    2. Join Some facebook groups about 50-80 groups from each account.
    3. groups shall be related to fandoms such as DC universe, Marvel or Harry potter / LOTR groups. ( endless fandoms)
    4. Now make a website and put a free theme looking slightly like a ecommerce one.
    5. Now make some posts like giveaway of A harry potter wand (example) and use your accounts to post it on the groups.
    6. Put cheesy captions like "Hope I win"
    7. Next, Also put the wand for sale on your so so ecommerce like theme with your affiliate link.
    8. Fans are mad, if they don't win it, atleast you will redirect 50-80 purchases from a big active group.
    9. Also, you can simply put that product on your website with the affiliate link cloaked and put a fb post on the group like " Hey See my new wand I bought it for very cheap, now I am a proud owner finally" :)p), this may redirect users to purchase.
    10. Also you can put up advertisements on that website as a secondary income.
    11. Like this you have endless fan-toys like batman's bat mobile (toy version obviously) or whatever comes to your mind.
    12. Be sure that the group you join has atleast 5k+ active members.

    For Example A wand of albus dumbledore ( old laddie princi):- amazon.in/Knerdvana-Harry-Potter-Rowling-DumbledoreS/dp/B00QKTECXQ

    Even some facebook groups (Very little) Allow to sell the products directly, so you can use amazon aff link directly.

    If you work rigorously on this, you will get a good result.

    hope it helps newbies. Thanx :)
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