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    Hello guys,

    Throughout my posts and my journey thread I?ve been mentioning my content writing. I make my full-time income as a content writer and I tend to write a lot. I have been receiving some PMs and even questions on my journey thread or throughout this post or the other that all come down to one big and popular question:

    -How do I Write That Much?

    So, I created this topic to provide the interested with some tips on how to do it ? as I would like to give something back to the community I love.

    Most of the guys that visit my journey start by asking:

    -How do you write 60 articles on the same topic? I write 5-7 and I don?t know what else to say.

    Well, the key factor in writing a lot about a niche is being able to NOT be a lazy ass and actually put some effort into it. Sure this isn?t a great tip but there are some things I want you to know that will increase your motivation levels and put you to work:

    - Everything Online Compounds: When you?re investing your time and work creating a huge article or a huge set of articles for your niche, you?re creating value for your site or company. From the moment you publish an article onwards that article is there to add value to whatever you are doing!

    - Keep on Compounding: When you write and publish yet another article or another set of articles you are going to add those to all of the others you wrote before.

    - Rinsing and Repeating: So now you?re creating value that compounds with more value and generates VALUE! Sorry for pressing this so much, but I?m trying to get that ?Greed? sense tingling.

    Do you understand what I?m saying? Every link you leave compounds, every article you write compounds, everything you do compounds and gets you closer to your goals ? unless you are one of those wussies that change methods at the speed of light and end up doing a lot of small things in different projects and give up on them, forfeiting the compounding potential of their labor.

    Which leads us to the next question:

    -How do you find subjects to talk about your niche for so long?

    This is an easy one, and I can see this being the core part of this guide ? getting to know how to unfold a certain niche:

    - Unfolding Through Components: If your product is a game, then don?t just write about a game, unfold it and write about its components ? gold, weapons, skills etc? So, if you?re promoting a product instead and it?s a handbag, don?t write about handbags only ? write about pockets, buttons, zippers ? unfold through components.

    - Unfolding through Lurking: This one is all about lurking forums and message boards. If you are writing about a game, go to a forum or message board about it and go through all of the categories and sub-categories, you?ll see a lot of different ideas on that game. Do this for the handbag product as well, you?ll see categories and sub-categories like ? travel handbags, women?s handbags etc?

    - Writing about Motive: If you are promoting the handbags, write about the motives people have to buying handbags (status, need for cargo, elegance?) and the same for the game (occupy free time, professional gaming, making and selling in-game goods?)

    - Writing about the Origins: For the bags, describe the materials, how the bags are assembled, how are the materials obtain, the factory process etc? For the game talk about the developers, concept art and stuff like that.

    - Writing on Fans: Products always have their fans and fan uses. For bags talk about bag decorations, bedazzlement, bag conventions. For gaming talk about fan art, fan-fiction, cosplays.

    You see, there are a lot of ways to unfold a product, even if it is just a simple toothbrush. I hope I posted this in the right section.

    And because this wouldn?t be worth it without a bit of humor check this video I found a while back:

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