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    So most of you know that FB recently rolled out this new little marketing gem....call to action buttons (cta). The method here is to feed the cta button a little "juice" to obtain increased ctr's.

    So, the method is simple and here it is:

    • Create, rip, buy a short video related to your niche. It has to be a video because cta buttons only work with videos at the moment. Let's use "work at home jobs" as our niche for our example.

    • Purchase a cheap .info domain name . The idea here is to come up with some call to action wording that will enhance the chances of the user clicking on the link. Your creativity will come into play here. For example: purchase a domain like: "get-work-at-home-job.info". As you can see, in this example, the user reads this with the word info at the end. Keep the domain name(including the extension) at approx 25 words or less. Facebook won't show anymore of the domain name after that character limit.

    • Choose your video, click the "call to action" option underneath the text box. You will only see this option after you choose your video for upload first. Then, create any button(from the options dropdown) that relates to your theme and/or offer. The cta process is pretty simple but be sure to enter your newly purchased call to action domain in the url field in the process.


    Here is what the video will look like at the end. The domain below it isn't a good domain name to execute this method...just a look at a finished cta video example. As you can see, this video chose the "Learn More" button above his domain name. This method works best with short videos that are less than 20 seconds. Use your marketing brain here to entice. Your button will appear during the video on mobile devices and will also show at the end of the video on all devices/pcs. In this case below, the button and the cta domain that you have created.

    My CTR's have increased very nicely by using this small and simple method. With the correct use of the buttons and some creative wording, I'm sure it can help you with your FB marketing as well. That's all.

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