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Dec 20, 2013
A Spoonfed Walkthrough On How To Create A Movie Website That Posts On Autopilot

Hello Blackhatters, hope you're all well! I've been thinking on how I could add to this awesome community, and I realised there's a lot of people out there who would love to tap into the movie niche. I have a site at the moment geared at that area, and it's making me some decent money. However, it is a side project as it posts on autopilot, I just need to concentrate on getting the hits.

This thread will spoonfeed you on how you can set up a movie website that posts on complete autopilot, which is best monetized via CPA, but can also be monetized via PPI/PPD. You can get this running all for about $40 (that's including hosting and a domain, if you have those, the cost will only be $20 per month). It's virtually nothing considering my CPA offers pay around $16 per lead, which means it pays for itself in 1 day.

What You Will Need

1 - A Hosting Account, you can pick up a simple host from Hostgator for a few dollars per month. (Search for Hostgator 1 cent discount and you'll get the first month for 1 cent).
2 - A Domain Name, again this is self-explanatory.
3 - A Wordpress Plugin Titled WPMDB

The WPMDB plugin is a $20 per month subscription, and believe me it's totally worth it. I feel I should add now that I'm in no way affiliated with WPMDB, they're just f***ing awesome for movie sites. In short, they have a queue feature which you can populate with a list of movies. It'll go out and post them one by one onto the site with details such as descriptions, air date, actors, genres, storyline, and even grab the poster for you. I can also provide you with a list of every single movie ever released that's worth having on your site (over 10,000). I'll put it on Pastebin.

The thing that really sets WPMDB apart, is the use of the master template. They allow each and every page to be dynamically edited from one spot. This means you can add a WATCH NOW and or a DOWNLOAD button to every single page and attach your CPA or PPI/PPD offer to it, with no effort at all. Just some basic HTML.

The Spoonfeeding Part

Step 1

Set up your hosting account and install Wordpress. Change all the settings and publish your website. Also link your domain to the hosting account via the nameservers provided by your host.

Step 2

Search Google for 'WPMDB Wordpress Plugin' or head to WPMDB dot net. Purchase their plugin on the $20 per month option. You'll receive an email with your download.

Step 3

Install WPMDB to your Wordpress account, via the plugins tab. Simply select upload, and select the downloaded zip file.

Step 4

Open up the WPMDB documentation and read through it, following the steps to configure the plugin. Also take note of the Cron-Job feature, as this is important to setting the automation aspect up. It's quite straightforward, and the documentation means you just have to follow what they tell you.

Step 5

Populate the queue with a massive movie list. I'll also provide that for you, I've made a pastebin - http://pastebin.com/JQykGkD7

Step 6

Adding your offers. Now, this plugin comes with ready included amazon affiliate buttons to which you can add your amazon affiliate details and make money that way. If that's your thing, then leave it be. If not, I assume you'll want to work with CPA or PPI/PPD. If you already have your offer, then simply add a 'WatchNow' button and link your offer to it. If not, then I suggest you use CPA. As stated before, the provider I use pays upwards of $16 per lead. It's a landing page that requires users to sign up for a FREE account. After they enter their email, they're directed to a validation page with which they have to enter their card details to verify their account. I thought people would never do this, but they do. And looking at the high payout, you only need a few per day to make this highly profitable. Message me if you want to use this CPA offer, I'll try to get you accepted. However I'll only entertain those who have took action and already have a site built. And before I see people typing I'm doing this for referrals, I'm not. I wish for you to use whichever is easier for you, but I can be your safety net.

Step 7

Drive traffic to that site like never driving traffic before! It's incredibly easy in this niche, there's so many places to build backlinks for traffic such as Q&A sites. You could even purchase an SEO package from BST and you're golden! However, it's not necessary. I'm still not ranking in Google and I make upwards of $50 per day.

Step 8
Last but not least, make your site look pretty! Add a decent theme to it, once that shows a lot of images on the homepage that's suitable to show the movie covers. Also add some widgets to make it look more professional.

My Hands Are Sore

There you have it, a complete guide on how to set up a movie site that posts on autopilot. My hands are now sore from typing all this, it's taken me ages! It's my first real contribution here on the forums, and I hope it's appreciated. Good luck, and honestly, anyone can do this and make serious money from it. You just have to TAKE ACTION!

I'll be here to help with anything you're unsure of.
I've always wanted to make a site like this. Where do you get the movies from? Wouldn't it be illegal?
Good point, is there anyway to make a site like this Whitehat?

Of course you can make a whitehat website , but it will probably need a bigger commitment in terms of time and money ..

More in the lines of review and fan site..with video embeds (like promos , launch , trailer etc) ...
Do you mass post to Q&A sites to get your traffic?

I may try WPMDB for a month and if I don't make any money cancel.
Nice share :) for me, setting up a website like this is the easy part, even with a lot more movies. But the tuff part is getting the traffic. Would some back links really generate that much traffic?
Is this thread the same as what you do in your journey thread...(journey to 200$ from CPA)
Another cool guide here, pretty clear and understandable. But i'm to lazy to do all this stuff.
In spite of all, thank you for the share.
Nice Share SpookCash...Thanks for this one...Will you please PM me or share your website so that we get a clear idea about it ?
Thank you for this method! I'm not going to use your mentioned tools but it provokes me a twist to make some decent money within this method area.
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