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    First off i want to say quality will always rule over quantity so put in a little extra effort and you will start seeing better results.

    Ok...I am going to share this since I just kind of stumbled across this even though i should have a long time ago since i have been kind of doing this for a while only a bit different.

    Anyways this method is not completely free you do need a 50 dollar investment and if you want to upscale its 25 dollars each month.

    Even so you can twist this and get money from adsense as well....thats what i do and i bring in a little bit.

    So heres what your going to do. Your going to get a google play publisher account it costs 25 dollars

    Your going to get a andromo account. This is 25 dollars a month....used to be free and you split advertising with them but now its just 25 a month...it is what it is.

    Your going to need a admob account.

    anyways go on over to the big g and do a pictures search for a hot chick niche or some popular celebrity and save about 10-20 pictures of them

    go to andromo and make you an app that is a photo gallery EX-Hot anime cheerleaders HD Wallpaper

    make sure you enable admob into your app.

    upload it to the market. I assure you that your app will get traffic....there are like hundreds of thousands new activated devices daily....Unless your app is saturated by other apps i guarentee you will bring in some traffic. Just expieriment with different apps and categorys.

    Oh also i usually take screen shots of the app showing that you can share on social networks and set as wallpaper from my android device. or you can do a search for an emulator if you do not have an actual android device.

    also for the screen shots and icons that need to be resized i use resizemypicture.com

    this whole process is easy and can be done in 30 minutes. unfortunatly it sometimes get kind of tedious and i start reading this forum or working on my amazon sites.

    anyways you want to go head over to admob.....now admob pays crap you might make 5 dollars in 6 months...there cpc is like .01 so your probally making like .005....a bum would be insulted....anyways screw admob....what we are going to do is utilize admob house ads

    use the impression goal to split between cpa offers, ads to your authority site, a your fing suck message or what ever you want or you can allocate all
    the impressions to just one campaign

    pretty much your not showing any admob ads and only your own created ads to your apps that you have made......this is pretty scalable it just takes time.

    just think a 50 dollar investment.....how many apps can you make in one month......then you have free advertising for the rest of time...just make a app thats worth downloading and bam your good to go.

    PM me if you need help
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    Until the "Big G" do a manual review of your app and ban it!
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    I'm doing the same thing

    I'm using mobpartner - they have tons of offers and actually pay unlike mundomedia or kissmyads

    Buy traffic from other ad networks like airpush or Leadbolt to get more traffic
    Use the airbop push system to send mobpartner offers

    I know someone with push system already setup and they charge per day- skype me- same as my forum name