[METHOD] How I made $70 in 1 day. ON FIRST ATTEMPT WITH APPS

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    Hi guys,
    Today I want to share with everyone how I made my first money online.
    I have been trying different methods here in BHW for adsense and all that stuff but had no real success.
    So bear with me, it will be a fairly long guide.
    So I decided to try apps.
    I am doing software engineering but never coded for ios + i'm a beginner at programming.

    to cut the BS, here is what I did and how you can do it as well.

    For this method, unfortunately you will need some startup cash. to be exact 99$.(IOS developer account)

    1- register for a developer account (IOS) 99$.

    to make apps, i decided to go with something that everyone can use and its free(not completely free).
    Gamesalad, I know this is "bad" since the free version will include ads and you cant monetize it with ads.

    2- plan, to make paid apps only.(until you can afford full version OR learn how to use xcode)
    3- just do a simple google search for free gamesalad templates, there are hounders of free templates.
    4- get these templates and simply do some reskinning and upload them to itunes.

    I tried games but was not successful, what made me the money is apps in the book/kids section.
    You wont believe how much parents spend for apps for kids.(personally I tell them that it includes ads so I feel i'm working ethically).

    On the first day I made $~70 from just 1 app!
    I stopped using this method as I am supper busy with uni, but I definately have plans to continue again.

    A quick advice is to focus on apps that you can create multiple apps from one template.

    I used 1 template to make apps in the kids niche( again: parents love spending )

    So there it is, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, I will do my best to clarify things.

    If I can do it, ANYONE can.
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