[Method] How I made 5000$ on Behance


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Oct 12, 2013
Okey guys, I spent the last 3/4 months studying Seo and this was possible because I have developed a method to earn on Behance, thanks to it I could financially support my Seo studies (courses , books etc).

Let's Go!

Actually on Behance the antispam team has taken serious action by blocking my method but this can serve you with new social networks and especially as a brain-storming to be able to make new methods on other platforms.

My Behance panel says that I gave 523K likes and 900K views to other's projects. This means that people, when receive a like, visit my portfolio where I'm using affiliate links with Themes, Logos and all graphic resopurces.
My affiliate programms are ThemeForest, BloueHost for hosting (in web graphic resources) and more programs in graphic niche.

This is what I gave to the people on Behance (tecnically called Spam :p)


Now, from this actions (made by iMacros script in Firefox browser 24/7) I received this:

This means that 137K people saw my affilaite projects and I received 15K likes from this people.

Now, in demostration of my earnings, here are some clicks on my affiliate links:

At the end, from september to december my earnings are near 5000$ on autopilot iMacros script.

Problem: on Behance, when one of your creation has 500/1000 likes, is in high ranking condition and makes a lot of sales. Now their alghoritm has been changed and my creations are not ranking well as before (I'm making sales and likes avery day but earnings are really low since people can't see anymore my affiliate creations as top ranking).

Hope this can brain-storm your hungry brains.


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thats a clever idea :) thanks for sharing your method im sure its possible to use it somewhere else too :)
It's possible to sell now with this method and it's working. You can't only amke high ranking on Behance's internal search. I think a Good Marketer can use it to make money from direct visits without the search.
Reminds me of one society6 journey posted about month ago.
So how could they change the algorithm? Or was your account under manual review and they found out what your intentions are?

Maybe try to repeat the same process with: https://dribbble.com/
Can you name the courses and books you went for studying SEO...
Great method OP, definately food for thought :)
Why not make 10 accounts in related niche's, and this way spread the high ranking posts over these accounts?
Glad to see you found something that is working for you, and I'm sorry to hear you are losing speed so to speak. Keep up the hard work, and you are bound to achieve even greater success than originally.
very nice method, congrats on the success. It's giving me some ideas

It's giving me some ideas as well........ find a few design websites and kick it's ass
with bot's and affiliate spam.... Love it .. LOL
Hey Argonrecords... I just deconstructed your method and I must say
that your Affiliate idea is so simple. I love the way you copy and pasted
the web themes onto your Behance profile and stuck a Affiliate links
at the top and bottom.

Good work :clap2:[h=1][/h]
And no problems will be due to the fact that you are using someone else's works?
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