[METHOD]Guaranteed $200 a week. Zero investment-Zero Google-Zero SEO-PTC with your own ADS


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Aug 9, 2009
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Noob Friendly ? Easy to Implement ? No Google bullcrap ? No initial investment

Hello boys and girls - It's my first post of this kind!

I have been on this forum for quite some time now and I have learned a great deal of things just by browsing the daily threads. The knowledge shared here is great, is always fresh and if you know how to lend an ear to certain individuals or methods you can actually evolve into a self sufficient character without having to rely on the classic day by day survival method. Life is good, but it is short so you must know how / when or what is fit for you. Alright moving on!


I am not a full time IM promoter on the contrary I have my main income sources focused from and to my offline ventures. Although I have a lot of experience dealing, selling and buying different offline ventures even investing abroad I discovered a few years ago that I do have a sweet tooth for IM. For me it?s challenging so in the past few years when I had spare time I created a number of online projects based on what info I extracted from this forum. Some were bad some took off late but in the end the results started to surface. The advantage was that I had my own piggy bank and I was not relying on the exclusive success of the projects that I was implementing, but enough about me. Let?s start!

The Method
I literally stumbled upon it while I was doing something completely boring. Straight to the point:

Requirements :

1. A CPA account

Or a way to come up with ads that you can benefit from. There are quite a couple of guides here on BHW that cover this area. SO if you do not have a CPA account yet do a simple search on the forum and you will find everything that you need to get in.

Zero initial investments, Zero websites, Zero content producing, Zero SEO, Zero Google

2. Stamina and brains

You can actually ad your very own twist to it it?s extremely flexible and you can combine a huge number of strategies and elements found here on BHW in order to customize it to your own likings and of course profits. You probably or better said more than likely have heard of PTC Engines. There are a few out there but from my point of view working with them is pure slavery. You produce traffic and they stack piles of cash from your generated traffic by showing framed ads.

Using this method you can show your own ads on the links that you spread around.

This means that:

You can target your audience with specific ads
You have full control of your stuff


Go to http://sexyurl.co and create an account; it?s free.
(They have closed temporarily the automatic registration but new users are still able to create new accounts by requesting them on the forum. Read the info over there, you will figure it out)


Log into your CPA account and start making a list of offers that you would like to promote. Save the list using notepad and move on to the next step.


Finding your audience

What you need to do next is a simple thinking exercise. Where is all the traffic happening? And you will definitely answer: Google!... Yes but?NO.
Yes, the massive traffic is on Google but it is not easily accessible by anyone in this case by you, so the answer is NOT Google for you (I?m fed up with Google tbh). The correct answer for you is social networks, groups, forums, the list could go on. Going into details is pretty simple. The very idea of the community has its roots here: it is about something or someone popular. This is what we are looking for active communities created around individuals or things that benefit from being popular.

A very simple example would be: Lady Gaga (I was inspired by a thread found on their forum to choose this example. It?s the most comprehensive example of all, very clear and I highly recommend you to read the thread while you?re there)

Top communities: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and the list could go on. How accessible is the traffic found there? very. Take Facebook for example. Go to one of many Lady Gaga?s pages and see if you can post your own links there for the fans to see. Yes, you can! It is the same thing with MySpace and other social networks. All you have to do is infiltrate and spread your links around. Do a Google check using the keywords ?[your popular thing or person] community?. Save the links with the communities that you have spotted using notepad.


Finding content

This is the easiest part of all. You need to find content to deliver to your audience. How easy is to find pretty solid content for your targeted audience? You do not have to write it, you do not have to scrape it off hundreds of article directories, you do not have to spin it? all you have to do is Google it. It's there for you.

Let?s continue with the example from above: What is the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of Lady Gaga. Music it?s pretty obvious. Go to YouTube pick a few videos. Save their links in notepad.


Creating and Shooting Links

Although it is very simple this step is also very sensitive in my opinion and you must be picky and pay much attention to these details. At this point you have your CPA offers selected, your community targeted and the content for your targeted audience at your disposal.

a) Take the content

b) Go to the website and login into your account (do not shrink links if you are not signed in)

c) Transform the content links into short links (adding your CPA offers to them)

d) Go to the selected communities and post your links

NOTE: The ?Lady Gaga? keyword is just a simple example. Replace it with something or someone popular and repeat the steps 2 to 5 as many times as you want.

Method Fine Tuning:
Link Options:

1. Always but always add to your links a readable tag

2. Always share a link using a description of the content in front of the shared link

Read the post on their forum for a deeper understanding of the phenomenon. I find it very useful and it is also illustrated.

Basically you can?t miss!


Be very picky with the offers that you choose. If your audience is, let?s say for the sake of example, located on a ?lose weight? forum or social networking engine, then try to find a closely related offer to put on your links.


If you do forums, it?s very simple. Find the forum, create a profile, add the links to your sig ? this should be your main offer ? then reply to popular posts or even create threads. You know the drill.

If you do FB or MySpace or whatever suits your needs and interests best try to post using a decent account. Spend a little time to put together an attractive account. I highly recommend you to impersonate a woman in the profile with pictures and complete preferences options. Don?t leave blank fields. E-whoring pays up when you do it correctly.

REMEMBER: Everything that I have described above is done manually. You don?t use any soft or automated script to do this, but I am sure there are ways to do it.


Create your own graphics or pay someone to do it for you. Yes, first check the offer, they might restrict this option but 90% of the offers that I have found allow you to change the graphics.

Find a way or use a way to automate this process.

Upside vs Downside analysis


A) You don?t need any money to start

B) You do not need Google to get traffic

C) You do not need to run SEO campaigns

D) You do not need to come up with any content whatsoever

E) You do not need websites

F) You do not need 100s of YouTube accounts, proxies, and worry about getting your videos banned

G) You are in control of your ads and links

The list could go on but I?ve just spotted the amount of text that I have produced. Wow!


A) The most important thing, and they have definitely left that thing out is that you are going to share fifty percent of your traffic with them. Yes they are kind of reluctant to shout this out loud.

This feature is in progress for the free account type. When I joined the paid account type was available but I thought that it was too expensive for the possibilities offered so I passed. Now I regret because the paid accounts have one hundred percent traffic and the spots filled in quickly.

There is a BUT and I do want to express it: there are people working for PTC companies and being paid $2 for 1000 hits. If you think that you can earn at least $4 from 1000 targeted hits then it is profitable. I make a decent amount of money per 1000 hits. It all depends on how good you are with targeting and putting together the right advert for the right community and nevertheless it depends on how much effort you are willing to apply to it.

I can?t think of another right now, but do feel free to find weak spots and post them:)

Deciding whether the next option is going to be good or bad for you is pretty hard; for me it is good. The ads are shown on a redirect page for ten seconds and then the viewer is redirected to the targeted content page. I find this very useful and much more attractive than a framed advert. If the offer is good the user is not going to be distracted by any other stuff. He?ll be alone with the ad that he likes!

Tips and Tricks


[FONT=Calibri]1.[/FONT]     <a  href="http://yourofferaddress.com/whatever" target="_blank"><img  src="http://yourofferaddress.com/offerimage.gif"  border="0"></a>
Always add the target=?_blank? html part to your ad code. It will enable the user to see the offer in a new window and he will continue to the content that he was promised. It?s crucial to create the image of being ?honest? to your clients and to prove them that you keep your word.

2. The subdomains (link tags) are case sensitive. In this case

http:sexyurl.co/CaseSensitive will redirect to point 1 while
http:sexyurl.co/casesensitive will redirect to point 2 etc.

I am going to name a few websites where traffic can be targeted easily.

Yahoo Answers ? You can actually make a good living by answering and redirecting from there.

Facebook Pages ? Whether a product or a person (actor, singer, etc) you can target here specific groups of people. Use the Search feature and ideas would come.

MySpace ? If some user is on Ashton Kutcher?s profile and he sees a message like this: Ashton?s newest pics taken this weekend http:sexyurl.co/ashtonpics do you think that he will click the link?

Advice : With a minimum effort of creating and posting at least 50 links a day using this tutorial, without even thinking of stepping for a second out of the box you can make at least $200-$300 a week after a month of doing this thing daily GUARANTEED. The more you post the more money you make but always keep in mind the fact that you need to learn how to target your audience better and better!

I've tried my best to explain the method. It's pretty simple to do it, you do not rely on any side software, you do not need any websites or Google traffic.

If there are any questions feel free to post here.

Cheers :cool:
Copy paste save this is a good method waiting for my sexyurl approval. Thanks
maybe im oblivious, but whats the advantage to using the sexyurl url shortener?
maybe im oblivious, but whats the advantage to using the sexyurl url shortener?

Not sure if trolling or you just too tired to read...lol
I just signed up and shortened my link but I don't see anywhere to add what content you want to add under the loading page.

edit: just saw "ad code" I guess im still tired
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are there any alternatives to sexyurl.co?

Do a Google search. I didn't find any other PTC promoters that allow you to put ads on your links. It's pretty obvious that they do not want to share the bacon with anybody.

This is more like a JV :D
Nice method

I wonder how much wprl ill need to put into this

I guess ill try - it only way to find out
nice post , rep added

Thank you for repping me.

sick post, clean and organized, will try

I've tried my b est to explain it down to the last detail.

Nice method.

Thanks given!

It works smoothly after you have 500 links already out there.

Not sure if trolling or you just too tired to read...lol


I should work on this one.. thanks dude..

It's not a industry breaker and you will not be able to make 1000s a day unless you automate the method. What I liked about it is the simple fact that your links will bring you traffic almost constantly, if you do put your mind to doing it right.

very good method, and the important thing is no seo,,, hahaha :D

It's completely SEO free and very easy to implement. Anybody can do it.

The biggest secret of all is to start.

Don't forget to hit the thanks button if you find my method useful.
I Started! :)
hope to see some converts soon.
can you pm me a sample of your ad?
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