[Method] Guaranteed $100.00 Plus/Week on Auto-Pilot

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    Heres the Deal:
    I will guarantee you that you WILL make money if I decide that your are qualified to be a partner. With very literally MINIMAL work.

    What I'm offering is a full proof method with a step by step, on a simple self generated idea that will work 100%, if I decide to choose you. That being said, this method is not for everyone, although there is no risk, and no harm can be done to you personally so theres absolutely nothing to be worried about.

    I'm looking for REAL black hatters, that don't mind doing a little shady business. So if you don't want to do something because it violates your morals, don't bother. This is not extreme, just a little shady.

    ** This is for people that are here that WANT to make money **

    -=Fluent in English

    Now this method can be saturated which is why I will personally be interviewing anyone that is interested. This partnership will be based on Trust.

    Which means..

    Anyone else will be ignored, so don't bother contacting me.

    How This Will Work:
    The good thing about this joint venture is that you will be generating your own profits with what I give you, which will be simple yet be a mind blowing concept. What I will give you is everything that you will need.

    How Much Work Will You Have To Do?

    It will take between 1 hour to 3 days, depending on how much money YOU want to make, before generating an auto-pilot income. After that it becomes simple and it just becomes another source of income.

    What Do I Get Out of This?
    Well, I'm extremely busy doing managing a SEO firm, as well as doing my own projects. That being said, I've generated $5000.00 with this method, in which I've spent around 30 hours of work.

    *Payments: I will only request $20.00 a week, which is an extremely small amount to what you will be making. I would say not even 10% of the profits, but It seems fair since you will be doing all the work, even though there is none. (That is after you set this up)

    Other Things I Should Mention:
    *Now don't expect this to be a full time method, this is just something where you can earn money with very minimal time spent doing. So you can continue on doing your projects.

    *The potential of this method has literally limitless so you can decide on how much money you want to make.

    *I will not be sharing this with a lot of people, so if I decide to pick you, consider yourself lucky.

    * I will choose 1-5 people only.

    ONLY If you accept all the terms stated above, add me:

    *Skype: Kz3roMethod