[METHOD] Free For Using CPA Lockers With Tags & Private Youtube

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    This is a method ive just been testing out lately and its doing pretty well so far. It includes some existing methods spun into one.

    Method promoting:


    FB page
    Private videos - private url on youtube or other
    Link locker CPA - I use cpalead cause theyre the only ones that allow OG tags which are important for any facebook work
    Software relating to your videos or topic. i recommend using torrents.

    How I do it, example

    I got some good videos that relate directly to my FB pages like game cheats or how to jail break and do phone hacks and stuff. the videos are private so not anyone can just find them. the Videos also have links to some software im giving out free which people would otherwise need to buy so getting access to my videos isnt just a good video on the content users want its also the software links. I then ask people to share my lockers if they are happy with the video which they are since its all real and i give software out which would otherwise cost money. I got cracked versions through torrents and what not. because its such a good value to targeted fans they end up sharing like crazy. this method is just starting to take for me. My goal right now is to hit $750 per day

    im not near my goal but here is my journey if you want to follow http://www.blackhatworld.com/blackhat-seo/my-journey-discussions/818910-my-cpalead-journey-making-big-social-media.html#post8624134
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