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    This is a based off of something I did in 2012 when I was 13 and it still made me money up until today...If I can do it when I was 13 you can probably do it!

    On Android phones and tablets, there is a process called rooting that allows you to "hack" your phone to do cooler things. The thing about rooting is that it is hard for non tech people to do, so they need a simple step by step tutorial that explains to them how to do it.

    This is where you come in. Basically what you do is:

    1. Find a Semi-Popular Android Device (Phone or Tablet) and type in "How To Root xxxxx" on Google. If a wikiHow/eHow/hubPages article doesn't come up, then continue. For example you could do "How To Root Hudl 2".

    2. Look through one of the Android device forum posts that come up explaining how to root the android device and learn how they root the device. They are usually too complicated for noobs to read and understand.

    3. Go to wikiHow or eHow or Hubpages and write a heavily simplified tutorial (e.g. Step 1: Connect Your Phone by USB, Step 2: Open The Rooting Tool) that explains how to root the android device step-by-step. Make sure you put a warning on the articles saying they can break their phone and void their warranty by rooting. WikiHow, eHow and Hubpages are great because they easily rank at the top of google so you can just write the article and leave it. Also noobs know what wikiHow is so they are more likely to click it.

    How do you make money from this though?

    Basically every rooting tutorial requires you to download something in order to get the root to work. So in the wikiHow/eHow/Hubpages article you'll write

    "First of all to root this phone, you'll need to download this tool. Go to THIS LINK (your created blog e.g. AndroidRootingResources.com/Hudl2) to download it"

    Then on your blog download page, write a paragraph about what the file does and write "this page makes sure the download link does not die" , then place an adsense advertisement, then underneath the adsense advert put a real download link thats hosted on mediafire or somewhere.

    You can also do this using the method:

    1. Google search "How To Speed up xxx" and learn how to speed up that android device
    2. Go to hubpages/wikihow/ehow and write a simplified tutorial on speeding up that android device
    3. At the end put "the best way to speed up this android device is by rooting. to root the device click here"
    4. Link to your wikiHow article or make a blog post about rooting that you can link to
    5. After a while you can sit back and the traffic will arrive

    I done this for only one smartphone and the wikiHow tutorial is 2nd on google search and has been viewed 120,000 times and brought 9K visits to my old blog and then 4k to the newer site I made. I only wrote the article to improve my blogs SEO but it ended up driving loads of traffic. The android device I did it for isn't popular anymore so it hardly gets any traffic today, but the traffic it does get has a high CTR on the adsense advert (9.8% CTR) because all the noobs mistake the adsense advert for the real download button.

    There are tonnes of different Android phones and tablets, which makes this method even better.

    Another good thing about this is sometimes the moderators will improve your article, however sometimes they will remove your links. The mistake I made was trying out sharecash on the blog I made, i made an extra $17 in one month from it but then wikiHow removed my links and i don't get any traffic! So don't use a ppd network.

    You can also mix it up by creating a YouTube tutorial but that only works well if you own the android device. I owned the android device I made the rooting tutorial for, so I made a youtube tutorial for it and it had 30K natural views but my YouTube account got banned. I find article writing boring and I'm lazy so I don't do this method anymore!
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    Why did your YouTube account get banned?
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    Nice method to drive traffic or to increase your page rankings.....but I don't think this will help you to earn $$$$
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    Really cool method but how much did you earn?
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    ★★★ BHW ★★★
    Nice Method Thanks!
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    Any advice on how to get approved easy for a wikihow article? Better to have an account with them or do it anon from IP? How long does approval normally take? What are things they approve/disapprove in general?