[Method] Easy money if done in right way.


Jun 20, 2013
I read this method on BHW and try to see it really works or not. I forget about that thread.

Here is simple method.

Get a .com domain from godaddy it will cost only $0.99

Get hosting plan for $12 from any cheap host.

Now we are going to create a auto job posting site, It will post jobs automatically.

First install WP site and get any simple them I am using mag type theme.

After intalling theme and download this plugin "Indeed job importer"

once installed, Go here http://www.indeed.com/publisher and register. once you get your pub account you are ready to setup auto importer.

Above plugin will tell you all info how to import jobs from indeed. Its easy to setup.

Similar way you can get lots of other sites pub accounts like :

  • Juju Job Importer
  • Beyond Job Importer
  • CareerBuilder Job Importer
  • SimplyHired Job Importer
  • AuthenticJobs Job Importer
  • CareerJet Job Importer

You can use these sites too. But i was using only indeed.

Next step :

Install :NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster: plugin and setup twitter account and FB group (Create one). This plugin will auto post on social media sites, Most of people know about this.

Now wait for few days.

Proof http://prntscr.com/82be9c

Just keep trying different methods to see what works.
nice share, but i'm pretty sure that its already shared few times.
anyway, how many hits did you get a day?
I quite don't get the method. What is a job in relation to this topic here ?
How is the social network and this indeed jobs related ?
I have worked with indeed jobs before but i didn't know there was a WordPress plugin. This will really help me. Will post results later
Have you tried something else on that site to monetize and how much traffic do you get?
So what action is considered a conversion? If they apply for a job or is there any paid sign-up on Indeed jobs?
i think he is getting payed through cpa, when the unemployed people check one of his job offers, they will go to a landing page containing the fill out form, once they fill out the entire form, they have completed the cpa offer and you will get your comission money, this is just a guess, correct me if i am wrong.
how much is indeed paying per referral? or how much are they paying per whatever
One of my mates have made bank with this method. The key is using a Facebook account with Atleast 3000 or more friends. Add members from job-postings and similar groups cause they're more likely to be interested in what you post.
Pinterest is powerful in this niche, you can find bots and such to help automate the task.
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